Lady Gaga and her friend Mary Jane Holland

Lady Gaga and her friend Mary Jane Holland

Tis the season for new music, and this week brought us Lady Gaga’s “ARTPOP” (all caps, please).  I’ve been listening to it for the past couple days and largely find it to be kind of weird, which is all we can really expect from her at this point.  I guess I had wondered what it would be like to listen to her music “blind,” without the benefit of her outrageous visuals, that is.  Would it even be possible to just listen to a Lady Gaga sound, or is the complementary visual component mandatory?

It turns out maybe it is because the songs by themselves seemed very odd and highly unrelatable (to me).  Many have to do with fame and fashion and sexxx, all of which are things that us commoners experience very, very often, particularly in the psychedelic discoesque format found in “ARTPOP.”

The lyrics to one song in particular caught my attention.  The chorus goes something like this:

I think that I could be fine
If I could be Mary Jane Holland tonight
I think we'd have a good time
If you'd meet me and Mary Jane in Holland tonight

Hmm, who is this Mary Jane Holland that she speaks of?  Maybe a new friend?  I know that back in the old days sometimes marijuana was referred to as Mary Jane.  And I know it is commonly smoked in Amsterdam.  Could it be that she is referring to cannabis? (*gasp*)

In fact, it seems Mary Jane Holland is Gaga’s pot loving alter ego.  And it also seems that Gaga didn’t really need to create an alter ego for pot loving since she claims to have been addicted to it herself.  In an interview on Z100 in New York, she acknowledged that she has moved from one “substance” to another for the past seven years, sticking with one until she can’t go any further and then moving to another.  She said that although she feels pot is the “best” drug to choose from for experimentation purposes, she wants young people to know that you actually can become addicted to marijuana.  She personally used it to self-medicate for anxiety and depression, smoking up to 15 – 20 marijuana cigarettes a day with “no tobacco” (I don’t even know what that means).  She said that after smoking, she would then sleep it off before performing that evening.  Yikes, that doesn’t sound healthy!

Good news, though.  She’s not that person anymore, and mostly she wants to tell everyone how wonderful “ARTPOP” is and how happy she is now.  She acknowledged that it remains to be seen whether she is able to be creative without being high since for the past ten years she has not tried doing so.  Stay tuned!

So there you have it, Lady Gaga’s pot usage in a nutshell.  I probably will continue to listen to “ARTPOP” simply because it’s different and therefore interesting.  Some of the songs are growing on me.  Happy listening!

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