Ten fun facts about Ylvis, the guys who brought you "The Fox" video

Ten fun facts about Ylvis, the guys who brought you "The Fox" video

A couple days ago, “The Fox” video was released by Ylvis, previously largely unknown (outside of Norway). Who are these guys? I did my best to find out (thanks, Google Translate!).

1. Ylvis is a Norwegian variety show group (comedy duo/band) comprised of two brothers who consider themselves a cabaret.
2. The brothers’ names are Bård (the blonde one) and Vegard (brown hair) Ylvisåker; Vegard is a couple years older than Bård, although both are in their early thirties.
3. Vegard married his love of ten years, Helene, two years ago. The couple has two children, Emma and Mads. (update: they have three children- don't know the third child's name)
4. Vegard and Helene’s house was once voted the most beautiful by Good Morning Norway and a Norwegian interiors magazine.
5. Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton was an early supporter of Ylvis.
6. Vergard bears a striking resemblance to Josh Groban and has been known to impersonate him, even attempting to gain entry to venues where Groban is performing.
7. Last year, Ylvis won an award for Best Performance on Film and Television (in Norway), their first after being nominated for many awards previously.
8. The boys are doing quite well. Reports show that in 2010, Bard paid taxes on the US equivalent of $776,481, while Vegard had income of $320,108.
9. They have another thought provoking video from a couple years ago called “What’s the meaning of Stonehenge.”
10. They are known as Norway’s version of The Lonely Island, an American comedy group.

Below are a couple videos to keep you entertained. Enjoy!

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