What my Macklemore post has shown me about opinions toward gays

What my Macklemore post has shown me about opinions toward gays

About six months ago, I listened to the Macklemore album (“The Heist”) and was struck by one song in particular, “Same Love,” in which Macklemore pondered his own sexual orientation and considered gay rights in general.  I wrote a post entitled “Is Macklemore gay? Funny, he had the same question himself.”  Apparently a lot of other people also wondered if he was gay because the post regularly gets thousands of hits a day, thanks in large part to the fact that “Same Love” has begun to get radio play.

I thought it was cool that a rapper was speaking out in support of gay rights, putting his opinion out in a mainstream format.  I didn’t necessarily express my opinion in the post, although I am solidly in favor of gay rights.  It fascinates me that people are so concerned about who other people love to the point where they feel those peoples’ rights should be limited, but I respect that possibly for religious reasons there are dissenters.  Why does that have to look so ugly, though?  If we take the comments on my blog as a microcosm of the general population’s opinion, you will see quite an array.  Here is a sampling of those comments:

• I think Macklemore and his little song here is pretty gay in itself, what is gay the new cool? In my opinion whoever likes this song is gay, because it literally made me gag and block B.E.T with my parental controls from waking up to this gay mans kissing fest! two thumbs down, if not you also are a clown
o (in response to previous) The only jester here is the one making a fool of himself by showing how intolerant he is, the way you love your wife is the same way a homosexual loves their lover, so with all do respect, if you preach nothing but hate, please keep those words to yourself.
Didn't care for the song. In fact it sucks. Its a gay song. Not what rap is about. Taking advantage of the gays like lady gaga.
• "The Mark of an enlightened individual is the ability to entertain a thought without accepting it." - Aristotle.
• This is the most beautiful song I've heard, and it is wonderful to have such a respected person promoting acceptance ♥ this song
• I Heard it, Loved it, Downloaded it. If you don't like it. You don't have to listen to it. That's the beauty of this Great Country, Freedom of Speech & Expression. ... Even if other people DON'LIKE IT
• I love macklemore does that make me gay.
• Even if he was gay I still like him because am gay or lesbian but doesn't matter we r the same
• Macklemore is a FLAMING homosexual I can tell you that much, not that I'm against gays but if he sings a song even involving homosexuality and questions his sex-life then as far as I'm concerned, and you can look up the facts it's true,
• I just what to know if your gay or not
• Being gay is fine and all (I don't personally agree with it, but who am I to judge), but I don't like the message. I am a Christian and don't agree with gay marriage, because God does not agree with gay marriage. Marriage is a religious thing. No problem with gay people being together, just please don't call your union marriage. If this happens, I don't think many will be mad.
o (in response to previous) First and foremost the bible does not say anything about not agreeing with gay marriage, so please refrain yourself from ever "saying" that God does not agree with gay marriage, Thank you :) P.s. If you didn't agree to the song then why did you take your time to actually reply to the article?

For the most part I’ve stayed out of these debates, partly because some of the commenters appear to be kids and I’m not up for engaging in this kind of debate with kids.  And to be honest some of the grammar and spelling is almost as disturbing as the closed-mindedness.  But seriously to think that young people have already formed these opinions?  That truly is disturbing.

Most of the negative comments claimed not to have a problem with gays (although I'm skeptical) but could not tolerate gay marriage, which is interesting.  I’m not gay, so that probably decreased my chances of witnessing the kind of responses that manifested itself in the comments of my post.  And to be fair, there were a number of people who were willing to challenge those comments.

I’m still hoping that artists like Macklemore are willing to express potentially controversial opinions in the future.  It’s one way music has the power to influence.

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