Highlights of the 2013 VMAs

Highlights of the 2013 VMAs

If you missed the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, you might have a nagging feeling that something happened that you should know about.  If you don’t want to seem like a nerd at work because you didn’t watch, here are the things people might be buzzing about.

Lady Gaga– Gaga opened the show with her new song (“Applause”) and probably wasn’t as outrageous as some of her previous appearances.  The main theme of the performance was repeated costume changes as the theme of her song is, in fact, her love of performing (“I live for the applause”).  The pinnacle of the performance was a final costume change into a seashell bikini and huge wig, both of which she donned for the remainder of the show.  No sign of physical limitations (resulting from her hip surgery earlier this year) during a very active performance.

Miley Cyrus– It’s hard to even summarize this part of the show.  It began with an exaggerated take on Miley’s video for “We Can’t Stop” with the stage full of dancers in teddy bear costumes (I feel like that must have some meaning that I don’t get).  Every shot of the audience (Drake, Rihanna) showed them looking stunned or bored.  After that portion ended, she stripped down to a flesh-colored bikini and was joined by Robin Thicke performing “Blurred Lines.”  But that’s not all…besides basically looking naked, she wore a foam finger (like you would see at sporting events) and simulated various sex acts on herself, making an already VERY suggestive song downright nasty.  No more Hannah Montana for her.  Billy Ray must be so proud!

Justin Timberlake– This was a solid 15 minute performance.  Justin sang and danced his way through a montage that included nearly all of his considerable number of hits.  Apparently his musical accomplishments only included one N’Sync song, but the gang was back together to sing a small portion of “Bye Bye Bye”, which was hyped in advance but kind of buried in JT’s overall performance.  After he finished, Jimmy Fallon made a borderline overdone introduction to present him with what is essentially a lifetime achievement (video) award.  Fittingly, a short time later he won Video of the Year for “Mirrors,” which he dedicated to his grandmother.

“Same Love” – Introducing the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis song in support of gay equality was Jason Collins, the NBA player who announced this year that he is gay (although I at first thought he was just a really tall rapper- my teenage son set me straight).  Very cool!  Partway through the song, Jennifer Hudson joined the crew on stage to finish it out.  I don’t think it was necessary to have a “special guest” because I think Mary Lambert’s voice is so gorgeous by itself, but it was a great overall performance.

Katy Perry– Katy performed this song (FOR THE FIRST TIME LIVE!) from the Brooklyn Bridge.  It almost looked like she was in a video as the whole song was set in a boxing ring.  It was pretty impressive from a choreography standpoint as she performed with a group of backup dancers and displayed some high level jump rope skills.  This closed the show and served as a reminder (in case you missed the dozens of previous references) that the show was held in Brooklyn this year.

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