The Rolling Stones are joined by...just about everyone on this tour

For several days last week and into this week, two very diverse acts shared Chicago’s United Center: the Blackhawks and The Rolling Stones.  It seemed that they literally alternated days with busy crews slapping ice down after each concert, only to rip the ice up melt the ice (??? – now I’m curious) and throw up a stage the next night.  Unfortunately for the Stones, Chicago is CRAZY for the Blackhawks right now, and they far overshadowed the old guys.

Then yesterday, the day after the Stones’ last Chicago concert, word came down that the band had been joined onstage by Taylor Swift.  Say what?!?!  How in the world does a pairing like that occur?  It turns out they have been picking up big names in every city on their 50 & Counting tour.  See for yourself!

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