The Oprah interview with John Legend and Chrissy Teigen: Five things I learned

The Oprah interview with John Legend and Chrissy Teigen: Five things I learned
Maybe John and Chrissy will use this as their engagement photo.


I routinely tape Oprah’s Sunday night interviews in case someone interesting turns up to chit chat with Her Highness.  Usually I delete without watching, but last night I was thrilled with her subjects: John Legend and Chrissy Teigen.  I’ve been a fan of John Legend since the release of his first album, “Get Lifted”, back in 2004.  I became hooked on his beautiful soulful sound and also came to love his multitude of duets.  I’ve found that sometimes when you listen to a particular artist obsessively extensively, you feel like you know them very well.  Ergo, John and I were basically close friends (who had never met or communicated).

Admittedly, I initially became familiar with Chrissy Teigen, gorgeous Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, because she was John’s girlfriend (now fiancé).  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little wary of the babe who had taken him off the market.  Was she good enough for him?  I can’t even remember how I started following her on Twitter, but she’s become quite famous in her own right…for her unfiltered tweets.  What you will know about Chrissy Teigen by following her on Twitter: she loves to cook and eat, she is hilarious and outspoken, she doesn’t shy away from foul language, and she doesn’t try to capitalize on her famous boyfriend.

Guess what?  There were a few things I didn’t know about John and Chrissy by listening to music or scrolling through Twitter.  Really!  It’s possible I could have discovered a lot of these revelations simply by checking out Wikipedia, but I’ve never bothered to do that.  Remember, these things aren’t necessarily groundbreaking news, they’re just things that I personally didn’t know.

John is smart.  No, like he’s super smart.  Like he skipped two grades, started high school at 12, and graduated at 16 as valedictorian of his class (and prom king!).  He went on to attend an Ivy League school (University of Pennsylvania).  He’s quite the activist about the quality of the education system, which I did know since he recorded the soundtrack for the excellent documentary “Waiting for Superman”, and he continues to speak out about the need for improvements in education.  His background definitely gives credibility to his cause.

John had a real job.  It’s true.  He was smart enough (see previous surprise) after finishing college to take a job with a consulting firm in Boston to pay bills and keep himself afloat while he worked on his music at night.  It took him about five years to get a record deal, so in the meantime he worked a regular job, just like you and me (but with a better voice).

John and Kanye West are seriously tight.  I knew that John and Kanye had collaborated on several songs (true confession: I also love Kanye even though there are many reasons not to), but I did not know that Kanye has been a producer on all of John’s albums.  In addition, the two were friends before either of them was famous.  Well!

Chrissy is sweet. If you follow her on Twitter for a while, you will have an impression of her only as being really outspoken and kind of random.  Example (from yesterday): “Hard butter doesn’t need to exist.  Not in this day and age, society.”  When someone responded, “use a microwave you duncecap”, her retort was: “Okay fucktard, I’ll pull it out of my pocket at restaurants.”  That’s pretty representative of what you’ll find in her 39,000 (thousand!!!) Tweets.  So I was expecting more of that in person, but she was actually very sweet.  She’s clearly smitten with John, who noted that she’s a bit more outspoken online than she is in person.  She even snuggled up with Oprah while John played a song for them.

Oprah really does her homework.  It’s so much fun to poke fun at Oprah because she’s super successful and could probably be brought down a notch, but I have to hand it to her.  She knows her stuff.  Every time either John or Chrissy talked about something, she chimed in (to show she had done her homework?).  And if she chooses cool interviews like this one, I’ll keep my season pass for Master Class or Next Chapter or whatever it is.

There you have it in a nutshell.  Now if Oprah interviews Dave Matthews next week and Eric Clapton the week after that I will never say another snarky thing about her for the rest of my life.  Word.

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