My Dear John letter to Kanye West

My Dear John letter to Kanye West

Dear Kanye,

I’m starting to think our relationship has run its course.  I believe that in a good relationship the parties bring out the best in each other, but I don’t think that’s true any longer in our case.  Speaking for myself, I find myself frequently annoyed by you.  I miss the good old days.

Once upon a time, I was so excited to have discovered you.  I thought your lyrics were clever and your music catchy.  And you weren’t as raunchy as some of the other rappers, which was refreshing.  A lot of people must have agreed with me because your records sold like crazy, and many of your songs landed on the radio.  Sure, you were outspoken and sometimes outrageous, but that was you.  You weren’t going to let anyone else dictate what you said or did.  You were quirky in a way, and that was okay.

But at some point you took that outspokenness and quirkiness too far.  While your inflated ego is not a new acquisition, you’ve come to assume you’re great rather than work for your respect and accolades.  You’re too much like a bratty toddler who isn’t getting his way.  Furthermore, you’ve compared yourself to Jesus one too many times, from posing as Jesus on the cover of Rolling Stone years ago to your latest album entitled “Yeezus”, a play on your nickname (Ye).  You are not Jesus.  And despite one of the song titles on “Yeezus”, you are NOT a god.  Nor are you Michael Jordan or Steve Jobs, others you’ve compared yourself to.  You just aren’t.

And maybe the ego and all the distracting hijinks could be forgiven if not for one thing: I don’t really like your music anymore.  I listened to “Yeezus” for two straight days, probably a dozen times all the way through, and there was not one song that stood out for me, not one that I wanted to keep listening to.  During a recent performance, you told the crowd you didn’t care if your songs are played on the radio or how many records you sell, which is a good thing since a couple of up-and-coming rappers (Wale and J Cole) have already bumped you off the top of the charts.  Or what about Mavis Staples, reinventing herself at the age of 74 in a way that lets her connect with a whole new fan base?   People aren’t going to listen to you just because you're Kanye—you have to deliver a product they want (that feedback is free, by the way).

In short, I think we’re looking for different things.  I want to enjoy good music with entertaining lyrics, and you want to do…whatever you want.  It’s no one’s fault, it happens.  People change.  Maybe someday we’ll be friends, but for now I think it’s easier if we just go our separate ways.

All the best to you, Kim and baby Northwest.

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