The new Ke$ha album is so money (sign)!

The new Ke$ha album is so money (sign)!

Last week I was bonding with my 14-year old daughter while watching “Teen Mom.”  (Before you get all judgy, I can’t help but brag that my house has had zero teen pregnancies (so far), which I attribute to watching lots of MTV.  My oldest child just graduated from her teens and announced on her twentieth birthday that she was no longer eligible to be a cute teen mom.  Fingers crossed on the remaining three kids as we have 5 ½ years until we’re out of the woods).  Anyway…my youngest and I watched a scene in “Teen Mom” that was so hilarious it merits a transcript.  It involved that little cutie Jenelle having a straight-faced conversation with her attorney.  They were discussing the exact date on which Jenelle would report to the slammer.  She had chosen some light jail time rather than remain on probation because she absolutely could not—NOT—stop smoking weed for the entire duration of her probation.  Here we go:

Jenelle:  Well, see the only thing is on the 9th I got second row seats to see a concert.  It’s Ke$ha.
Attorney:  I understand.  The problem is (laughing) that’s not gonna fly with the probation officer.
Jenelle:  No, no, you don’t understand.  This is my idol.  She is like my idol and I’m like never gonna be able to see her.
Attorney:  When is the concert?
Jenelle:  August 9th.  Like could you call her and tell her like…isn’t there some way…
Attorney:  I am not mentioning the concert.
Jenelle:  I really can’t miss that concert.  I really can’t.  I mean that’s why I got all these feathers in my hair. (dramatic pause)  Because of the concert.  I bought clothes for the concert.  I set up hotel rooms for the concert.

Well, that sounds reasonable to me.  I mean, she already got the feathers and everything!  I hope Ke$ha paid Jenelle for that spot.  I think that story demonstrates just how devoted Ke$ha’s fans (a.k.a. “animals”) are, although I’m not going to recommend her as a role model to anyone in the near future.

The best descriptor I can think of for Ke$ha and her music is “fun.”  She is clearly not conducting any deep analysis on her relationships; she is just out to have fun, and it translates well to her songs.  Her new album “Warrior” is full of fun songs.  (note to self: buy a Thesaurus)

Ke$ha uses profanity and sex references liberally, but she is so unapologetic about it that it’s hard to find it offensive.  That’s just how Ke$ha is!  Her song “Gold Trans Am” is euphemistic for a female’s nether regions (as in “Wham, bam, thank you man.  Get inside my fucking gold Trans Am.”).  She also does a brilliantly upbeat duo with (of all people) Iggy Pop entitled “Dirty Love”, which is about pretty much what the title implies (both her favorite song and mine from “Warrior”).  Somehow, though, none of it seems crude, although it does when I reread this.

You’ve probably heard “Die Young” on the radio approximately 548 times already, but I am still hooked on it.  Ke$ha might actually die young to find out that a 44 year old suburban mother of four is hooked on any of her music, but I promise I won’t be found at one of her glitter bomb concerts (with Jenelle).  I’ll keep my passion for “Warrior” (including the title track) under wraps.  I’m also trying to stop singing it around the house as it makes my kids' faces look like they’re stepping on pins when they hear me.

The only songs that didn’t work for me on “Warrior” were the couple that were a little serious (“Wonderland” and “Past Lives”, the latter being on the deluxe edition).

And now the main question on your mind: Why does Ke$ha have a ‘$’ in her name? (First, apologies to the two people who read my Ke$ha blog 2 ½ years ago when I also explained this, those two people probably being my two sisters).  Not sure if you know this, but Ke$ha sang (for free!) on Flo Rida’s “Right Round” before she was famous.  That song went to #1, but it didn’t put any money in her pocket, so she made the ‘s’ in Kesha into a dollar sign to be ironic.  I’m here to tell you it’s a royal pain to type her name, but now you know.

Here is the video for “Die Young.”  Enjoy!

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