Psy and Gangnam Style: 10 Fun Facts

Psy and Gangnam Style: 10 Fun Facts

You may have heard that “Gangnam Style”, the viral video by Psy, has broken the YouTube record previously held by His Royal Bieber (Baby, Baby!) for most views with 854 million hits and counting.  Holy shizzle- that’s even more than Rebecca Black had with the “Friday” sensation!

There many mysteries associated with this peculiar song, including why it is so popular and what it possibly means.  I’ve sought to bring peace to these unsettling queries that likely keep you from getting a good night’s sleep.  Here are a few fun facts that I’ve gathered.

1. Gangham is an area of Seoul, Korea that can be likened to Beverly Hills.  Thus, Gangnam style is meant connote high class.

2. Psy’s name is short for Psycho, same pronunciation.  If it’s easier for you: *sigh*

3. Oppan (as in “Oppan Gangnam style”) is an affectionate term used by girls to refer to an older brother or other male acquaintance.

4. Psy’s signature horse riding dance move was developed after testing out possible dance moves involving other animals, including a kangaroo.

5. Psy is married and has twin daughters.

6. In 2002, Psy was arrested for possession of marijuana, which prevented him from attending his grandfather’s funeral (okay, that fact not so fun).

7. A Korean restaurant in Los Angeles has remodeled and transformed the décor “Gangnam style” without Psy’s permission (he says he’s not going to sue, though).

8. The album containing “Gangnam Style” is Psy’s sixth studio album.

9. Psy recently signed with Scooter Braun’s record label.  In case you don’t know who Scooter is, he basically made the Biebs what he is today.

10. Psy grew up listening to Queen, Aerosmith and Def Leppard.

And now, in case you have not had access to the internet for the past several months, here is the infamous video.  Enjoy!

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