My voting choice is not "wrong"

My voting choice is not "wrong"

This evening after work, I will go to the polls and vote like a good American.  I’ve been struck during this election season by how impassioned the supporters of both presidential candidates have been.  Perhaps because this is the first election in which social media has been so prominent it has felt more than ever that individual views are on display- for better or worse.

I’ve been undecided throughout this race.  I’ve watched the debates and read the papers, suffered through all the t.v. commercials and ignored dozens of calls to our home phone (which we don’t even answer anymore).  Perhaps my indecision has made me prey to the zealots on either side to an even greater degree than if I had just committed to one candidate or another, but people seem to see this as an opportunity to help me see the light. 

I’m thinking of voting for Obama?  Seriously?  Am I aware that he literally hasn’t done his job for the past four years?  It’s actually un-American to vote for him after what he’s done.  Just look at the state the country is in.  Wait, I might vote for Romney?  Well, hopefully I’m ready to pay more taxes because he only likes rich people.  And have I heard him articulate his plans at any point?  That’s because he doesn’t have any!!!

I’m not an idiot.  I’m relatively intelligent and am capable of forming an opinion on my own.  But I don’t like feeling like I’m an idiot if people don’t agree with my opinion; based on the definition, my opinion cannot be wrong. 

Opinion: a view, judgment, or appraisal formed in the mind about a particular matter

One of the great things about this country is the ability to choose, and while the system may not be perfect, everyone has complete freedom to vote for the candidate they feel will best steer our country in the direction that is most beneficial for the next four years.  To some people taxes are more important, to others affordable health insurance, to still others national security. 

Today, go to the polls and exercise your right to vote.  I’m anxious to see the outcome.  Who am I voting for?  I’ll never tell.

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