Alicia Keys and her son bring us "Girl On Fire"

Alicia Keys and her son bring us "Girl On Fire"

I haven’t been all that enamored with any of the new music I’ve listened to lately- not enough that I can motivate myself to write about it anyway.  Tuesdays are new music days, and this week I chose to try the new Alicia Keys album, “Girl On Fire.”  It wasn’t a hard choice: I can only describe Keys’ voice as mesmerizingly beautiful.  Throw in her physical beauty (girl crush alert), gorgeous piano accompaniment and lack of profanity and she can hardly go wrong.

I became smitten with Alicia Keys back when “Falling” was popular a decade ago.  I also loved “No One” and “Empire State of Mind”, as well as the respective albums that spawned them.  Indeed, “Girl On Fire” is full of pleasant songs, and her vocals are always strong, but I haven’t yet identified that song that will stick with me for years to come.

To be honest, I find the title track to “Girl On Fire” somewhat average, nothing too special.  It’s fine, which for someone who performs at Alicia Keys’ caliber is probably not a great review.  More memorable were songs such as “Limitedless”, on which she counts and rhymes, possibly a nod to the fact that she is currently raising a toddler.  The album is full of love songs, likely mirroring the fact that she is now married to hip hop artist Swizz Beats.  “Brand New Me” is a little sassy- not sure who she’s telling off, but I like the attitude.  The highlight of “New Day” is Keys’ banter with her 2-year old son at the end.

(Skip the next bit if you’re not interested in Alicia Keys’ son- this is completely random.)  While I was listening to the chatter between Keys and her son on “New Day”, I was trying to remember what his name was, and despite my devotion to Us Weekly I was not able to.  Helpfully, Keys actually asks the child what his name was, but his mushy-mouthed response was decipherable only to his mother, so I still had to consult Wikipedia.  Answer: Egypt.

Then I started to wonder what little Egypt’s last name was.  If his parents both have made-up last names (Keys and Beats?  Please!), how do they decide the last name of the child?  Here is what I found:

Kasseem David Dean + Alicia Augello Cook = Egypt Daoud Ibarr Dean

Well of course!  Isn’t that interesting?  And here is a picture of the adorable tyke:



So I’m still listening to “Girl on Fire” and it’s growing on me, but as I said I’m still waiting for one of the songs to REALLY stick with me.  Give it a try; maybe one will snag you.  In the meantime, here is the video for the title track of “Girl On Fire”.  Enjoy!

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