Songs for Easter Brunch

I'm not very good at holidays.  I only just tonight put out the cute Easter candles that I have in a closet downstairs- just in time to celebrate the holiday itself tomorrow.  I don't have cute Easter napkins for Easter brunch, nor will I have cute Easter baskets for my kids- nor will they expect them.  They'll either grow up to be equally apathetic about holidays or they'll go to the other extreme (accompanied by therapy to address their childhood deprivation, I'm sure).  I feel a little guilty about it, but mostly I just hope I've mastered some other aspect of motherhood to make up for it.

Tomorrow morning I'm hosting Easter brunch for my family.  There will be 18 of us, and it will not be fancy, but the food will be delicious and we'll all be together.  There should be 20 of us, but my aunt and uncle cannot join us as my aunt had surgery yesterday to remove as much cancer as possible- cancer puts things in perspective pretty quickly.

Now the napkins and baskets don't seem so important.  The fact that my youngest daughter hasn't yet cashed a check from Christmas or that there might be a new dent in the car door seem very, very trivial when a family member is battling cancer.  The things that seem important are the fact that my daughter travelled seven hours yesterday to come home for the weekend or that so many of us will be together tomorrow.

We're not an overly religious family, but it is Easter after all, and I wanted to find some music that was consistent with the holiday.  I tested it tonight while I was working in the kitchen and two of my kids were sitting in there chatting with me- what a happy momma I was.  Of course, to keep it real my oldest daughter commented that one song was absolutely horrible (too gospel-y), so I dumped that one.  The rest are vaguely regligious- enough to help us enjoy our family on Easter morning anyway.

This Easter will be one of hope for our family.  Blessings to you and your family.  Here are my songs for the day:

- "How Great is Our God" - Chris Tomlin
- "God Put a Smile Upon Your Face" - Coldplay
- "Sinner's Prayer" - Ray Charles and B.B. King
- "Lying in the Hands of God" - Dave Matthews Band
- "Dear God 2.0" - The Roots
- "Sunday Morning Coming Down" - Johnny Cash
- "Cathedrals" - Joan Osborne
- "One Sunday Morning" - Wilco
- "Dive" - Steven Curtis Chapman
- "Dear Lord" - Joseph Arthur
- "In Christ There is No East or West" - Mavis Staples

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