John Legend Duets: Perfect Pairings

John Legend Duets: Perfect Pairings
John Legend and Kanye West: frequent collaborators

I have a bit of an obsession with John Legend’s music.  Since a friend told me to listen to the “Get Lifted” album seven or eight years ago, I’ve been hooked.  He truly has the more incredible voice.  I’ve even pondered whether he and I could have a meaningful relationship, and I believe we could.  The only possible impediments are the fact that I am a married mother of four and the fact that he is engaged to a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, but otherwise I think we’d be very compatible.

Sadly, John Legend has not released an album of his own in about five years.  Happily, he seems to pop up on everyone else’s albums regularly.  He even collaborated with The Roots on the “Wake Up!” album.

However, I’m not all that satisfied to accept a random John Legend song here and there, and although he’s supposedly working on a new solo album who knows when that will come out.  A girl can’t just sit passively by; action must be taken.

I started considering how frequently he collaborates with other artists, turning to my two BFFs (Spotify and Wikipedia) for support.  I compiled a playlist of John Legend duets (not including The Roots’ album) and came up with 39 songs, which I know is not exhaustive.  Some songs are from John’s own albums but most are from others’ albums.

I’ve spent a very happy week or two enjoying my new playlist and am now ready to share my results.  I’ve divided the songs into those that involve a rap or hip hop collaboration and those that don’t.  I rated each one with a number from 1 – 5 (stars) with “5” being the most awesome and “1” being a dog (only the Mariah Carey Christmas duet earned a lonely “1”, and that’s more a reflection on Mariah and the fact that it’s April than anything).  You're welcome!

In an act of advanced Spotification, I put my playlist on Facebook, but I could only figure out how to put it only my personal page rather than the Music Mom page- will have to work on that.

Rap/Hip Hop Duets:
• Common – “The Believer” (5)
• Fort Minor – “High Road” (5)
• Ludacris – “Best You Ever Had” (5)
• Lupe Fiasco – “Never Forget You” (5)
• The Roots – “The Fire” (5)
• T.I. – “Slide Show” (5)
• Big Sean – “Memories, Part II” (4)
• Common, Kanye West – “They Say” (4)
• Consequence – “Feel This Way” (4)
• DJ Khaled – “Victory” (4)
• JAY-A – “Do U Wanna Ride” (4)
• Kanye West – “Number One” (4)
• Rick Ross – “Magnificent” (4)
• Slum Village, Kanye West – “Selfish” (4)
• Snoop Dog – “I Can Change” (4)
• Snoop Dog, Kanye West – “Eyez Closed” (3)
• Whiteboy – “Easy” (3)
• Kanye West – “Blame Game” (3)
• Lil Wayne – “So Special” (3)
• Rick Ross – “Sweet Life” (3)
• Rick Ross, JAY-Z – “Free Mason” (3)

Other Duets:
• Estelle – “No Other Love” (5)
• Mary J. Blige – “King and Queen” (5)
• MSTRKRFT – “Heartbreaker” (5)
• Tiziano Ferro – “Karma” (5)
• Big & Rich – “Eternity” (4)
• Brandy – “Quickly” (4)
• Estelle – “You Are” (4)
• Sergio Mendes – “Baby Please Don’t” (4)
• Magnetic Man – “Getting Nowhere” (4)
• Melanie Fiona – “L.O.V.E.” (4)
• Jagged Edge – “Seasons Change” (3)
• Lauryn Hill – “So High (Cloud 9 Remix)” (3)
• Buju Banton – “Can’t Be My Love” (3)
• Stevie Wonder – “Mercy Mercy Me” (3)
• Angelique Kidjo – “Move On Up” (3)
• Tony Bennett – “Sing You Sinners” (3)
• Herbie Hancock and Pink – “Don’t Give Up” (2)
• Mariah Carey – “When Christmas Comes” (1)


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