The Hunger Games Soundtrack: More Than Just Taylor Swift

The Hunger Games Soundtrack: More Than Just Taylor Swift

On the eve of the release of the movie where all the kids kill each other (The Hunger Games, in case this is your first exposure to any form of media in several weeks), may I offer an alternative? The soundtrack! A well crafted movie soundtrack can be like a good mix tape, if you're old enough to know what that is.

Lately movie makers haven't been putting much effort into their soundtracks because album sales have been so abysmal, but obviously the people in charge of The Hunger Games knew that a great soundtrack to go with their blockbuster movie was a good move.

The Hunger Games soundtrack was produced by T-Bone Burnett, which gives it a lot of credibility on its own. However, it also stars an A-list lineup. Here we go:

• Arcade Fire
• The Secret Sisters
• Neko Case
• Taylor Swift (twice)
• Kid Cudi
• Punch Brothers
• The Decemberists
• The Carolina Chocolate Drops
• The Civil Wars
• Glen Hansard
• Maroon 5
• Miranda Lambert
• Jayme Dee
• The Low Anthem
• Birdy

I was almost exactly wrong in my predictions of which songs I would like most and least. I was excited about The Civil Wars, which were fine but nothing special. Ditto Arcade Fire and The Decemberists. And I actively dislike the Glen Hansard song- it’s very loud, which I wasn’t expecting since I love “Falling Slowly’ (also from a movie).

I expected to be neutral on Maroon 5 but really liked their song (“Come Away to the Water”), and I expected to not really like either Taylor Swift song. In fact, I didn’t love one, but I really liked the other (“Safe & Sound”, which I believe has been playing on the radio- smart to release Taylor Swift on the early side). "Safe & Sound" kind of represents a new "grown-up" sound for Taylor Swift, and it suits her well.

The others I particularly liked were the Neko Case song (“Nothing to Remember”) and the one by Jayme Dee (“Rules”), who I don't even know- go figure.

Unlike some soundtracks that only allow certain songs individually while other songs require the purchase of the whole album, you get do either on The Hunger Games soundtrack. All the songs individually would be $19.35, but the album is $11.99 on iTunes. What a deal!

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  • Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh,
    La La, La La.

  • i am going to have to check this out. i love neko case, some day she will marry me and sing to me

  • In reply to Patrick O’Hara:

    Patrick, congrats! She's awesome, thinking of marrying her myself.

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