Kanye West's Twitter Stream: trying to make sense of it

Since one of my New Year’s resolutions was to resume wasting time on Twitter, I was perusing it while waiting for someone to play me in Words With Friend while I watched a rerun on Bravo last night when I should have been sleeping.  Much to my surprise, a normally Twitter dormant Kanye West was tweeting up a storm.  He literally went on for hours, and since Twitter limits each tweet to 160 characters, it tended to be a bit disjointed since the tweets were mixed in with all the others in my feed.

Today, in another demonstration of quality time management, I decided to consolidate all of last night's Kanye West tweets into a continuous stream and throw in some of my own thoughts.

  1. More clarity... I have no agency representing me currently... William Morris was fired after Cara lewis quit. I love Cara Lewis : )  (I do not know who Cara Lewis is, so this was a poor opener)
  2. I love being back at my fashion office learning and creating. It's so challenging and fun and I'm surrounded by amazing people.
  3. They so you only live once but every time I come to work I feel like I'm starting a second life.
  4. You guys might think I have some type of backing for my line but I don't.  (means he’s using all of his own millions)
  5. I did the first fashion show out of my own pocket and used the money I made touring to follow my passion.
  6. I've been working at this for 8 years now ...from the first offers to do urban clothing lines that I turned down...  (No! Why?)
  7. To begging Bape to do my line and never making any real headway...  (Who is Bape?  Feeling like Kanye West and I aren’t connecting)
  8. To having an office in LA that was shut down after the "MTV" moment along with my tour with GAGA  (that MTV moment was painful for all of us, trust me)
  9. I moved to Japan for one month after that and designed every night in my room... I had this opportunity to intern at Fendi  and was also..
  10. ...offered a position to at Versace wich I could not take due to my contract with LV which was for 2 years... 
  11. I moved to Rome after I left Japan and worked at Fendi for 4 months under cover ... I was there to give ideas for the men's collection  (way to keep the secret that he was violating the terms of his contract)
  12. I snuck to Giuseppe Zanotti Factory still under contract and learned to design woman's shoes for 2 years before my first show in Paris  (who is picturing Kanye sneaking around in a dark cloak?)
  13. After doing the first LV collection I was sure I would get a second shot to create but was never given the opportunity  (translation: no one liked it enough to pick it up)
  14. I designed a sneaker called the YEEZY with Nike. I'm "allowed" to design 1 pair of sneakers every 2 years. I have more ideas...  (that sounds like a bad deal, one pair every two years?  Even I could do that)
  15. Early 2011 ... I moved to Paris and opened a small design studio... the language barrier was quite difficult...
  16. I still don't have a Paris VAT number to this day... I don't know what a VAT but every time I asked why we didn't have fabrics they said...
  17. ... it was because of the VAT.  (and since he didn’t know French he couldn’t ask.  Bummer!)
  18. In Paris I met many great people in design including the master Azzedine Alaia... Azzedine even came by my studio one day : )))  (I love that Kanye West uses emoticons!)
  19. This was the greatest feeling to stand in his presence in my embarrassingly small Paris studio in a courtyard opposite Collate
  20. I remember being 5 years old picking and my mother taking me with her shopping at the discount fur spots  (discount fur spots?  Where?)
  21. She said I would always point to the most expensive furs even as a child LOL
  22. It's something about making clothing that always brings me back to that point. For the first 16 or 17 years of my life the only thing...
  23. I knew about my woman's clothing was what my Mom would wear. I guess some critics would joke that I still don't know anything LOL  (hmm, maybe)
  24. My Mom would wear blue jeans with a fur and an embellished "Cosby Show" sweater : ) to pick me up from school  (ugh, those Cosby sweaters were awful!)
  25. ... the teachers said I couldn't focus... I used to get kicked out of class for bringing dirty mags and drawing Nikeys in 4th grade  (I don’t get it…drawing Nikeys?  Is that related to the dirty mags?)
  26. Being a celebrity has afforded me many opportunities but has also boxed me in creatively.
  27. I was just discussing becoming the creative director for the Jetson movie and someone on the call yelled out.. you should do a Jetsons tour!  (how fun!)
  28. This just happened a few hours ago. I was very insulted of course becuase for anyone that's seen the Watch the Throne Tour...
  29. Or Coachella or Glow in the Dark or Runaway.. you know I have real ideas...  (not just Jetsons ideas?  How is that insulting?)
  30. I appreciate having the most nominations at the Grammies but I feel so conflicted by the fact that award shows sometimes are completely...
  31. ...illogical  (and he often doesn’t win)
  32. Good logic tells me smile Kanye... the world likes you again... red or blue pill? ... aaaaand Swallow lol
  33. I wouldn't have the prestige I have if it wasn't partially for the Grammies validation and I honor that
  34. ....hmmmmm what to wear... here I go again... Yeezy the trend setter or complete fucking fashion victim ... the verdict is still out
  35. This is just a train of thought .. but figure it's better to read than trained thoughts  (Forgot to take my red OR blue pill to decipher what he’s saying)
  36. What good is fame and prestige if you can't use it to help people... I want to help by doing what I know how to do best .. create  (I can appreciate creativity, but how is it helping people?)
  37. I have started a new company and I'm so excited about the name.... it's got the best name ever of all companies of all time!!!....
  38. The name of the company is DONDA  (oh, his mom’s name.  That is sweet actually)
  39. DONDA is a design company which will galvanize amazing thinkers and put them in a creative space to bounce there dreams and ideas...
  40. I used to blog all the time an fit was a way to get my opinion out...  (now he just uses Twitter, apparently)
  41. Dr Dre redesigned headphones and made more impact off of one product.  (did not know…)
  42. I am assembling a team of architects, graphic designers, directors musicians, producers, AnRs, writers, publicist, social media experts...  (that is very diverse.  What is an AnR?)
  43. app guys, managers, car designers, clothing designers, DJs, video game designers, publishers, tech guys, lawyers, bankers, nutritionist ...
  44. doctors, scientist,teachers...  (has he already found all these people who want to quit their jobs and work for DONDA?)
  45. DONDA will be comprised of over 22 divisions with a goal to make products and experiences that people want and can afford...
  46. I want to put creatives in a room together with like minds that are all waaaay doper than me  (he’s so humble!)
  47. We want to help simplify and aesthetically improve everything we see hear, touch, taste and feel.  (ambitious and very vague at the same time)
  48. ...To dream of, create, advertise and produce products driven equally by emotional want and utilitarian need.. To marry our wants and needs.  (is that really a niche that hasn’t been filled?)
  49. DONDA
  50. This will all take time but I wanted everyones to know what I really care about... I care about people. I care about my fans..  (and whether they buy his records)
  51. I care about people who have never heard of me... There are over 7 billion people on the planet now...
  52. It's something about coming from music that makes me so optimistic... Music travels and is not limited to only the wealthy.
  53. Sometimes my grammar is wrong but my thinking is right : )
  54. My mom was an English teacher so I know she sends an SMDH from heaven : )  (had to look that one up on Urban Dictionary.  SMDH = shaking my damn head.  Can’t wait to use that one!)
  55. 5:18 am in London... My dreams keep me woke  (better get back to Mom’s grammar lessons)
  56. The Watch the Throne tour was a small example of what a Donda Experience can be...
  57. I'm currently working on a new 7 screen experience
  58. This one of our projects to be released this year called 2016 OLYMPIC's ... It's a semi sic-fi since 2016 is only 4 years away : )  (what is a sic-fi?)
  59. We would also like' to design the MTV awards
  60. We're taking everything 10 steps at a time LOL!  (Yeah, good luck getting the MTV people on board with Kanye planning the show- not a great track record)
  61. I wanted to put this in the world in hopes that the people who can actually make a difference will stand up and reach out  (he has specified planning the MTV awards.  Not sure that qualifies as “making a difference”)
  62. We need as many amazing powerful smart talented wealthy people to be involved... Come get on board... don't just sit there... reach out
  63. We can collectively effect the world trough design. We need to pick up where steve jobs left off  (oh no, someone is rolling over in his grave)
  64. When I said wealthy I wanted to point out there are so many billionaires in the world that can come together and help to redesign it  (basically he only wants you if you have money)
  65. Help education. School systems were designed to turn people into factory workers.
  66. Schools should be designed to prep human beings for real life.  (okay, he has just alienated all factory workers)
  67. Spike Jonze and I want to do a Summer school that tries new forms of cuuriculim  (hopefully part of which includes spelling)
  68. Math classes should teach addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, accounting and money management aaaaaand cut!!! ....
  69. UNLESS YOU'RE A MATH MAJOR!!!! Kids you should be able to take majors starting in grammar school like how it is at performing art schools  (great idea to let the fourth graders choose.  We’ll have no one doing anything useful when they graduate)
  70. Instead of kicking kids out of schools for using there iPhones... why not promote it? Allow kids to use search engines to do test...  (why learn when you can Google?)
  71. like the real WORLD!!! Give kids the amount of test they would have in a year in one day but they have to get everything perfect...  (guess what?  I can’t even help my kids with their math homework when I DO use the computer!)
  72. Some kids have better memories than others... what about emotional IQs... what about kids who do bad in school because of how bad there..
  73. ...surroundings are? I meant to say their...  (oh, now he cares about his spelling)
  74. excuse me... I just get excited at the possibilities... the more excited I get... the more grammatical errors you'll see...  (looking forward to that!)
  75. We need to take what Michael Jackson felt and Mcqueen and Steve Jobs and we need make things better...  (interesting trio)
  76. When me and Jay toured... ever night I peered into the audience astonished by the different walks of life that came to support us.  (and how the seventh graders could afford the tickets)
  77. The adrenaline is running... I don't know if I can even get to sleep now... From Wall street to the London riots to Chicago murders...  (nice shout-out to his hometown)
  78. I sit everyday and ask what can I do to make a difference...  (picture Kanye pounding his head on his desk trying to figure it out)
  79. I know this is not a very rapper thing to say but I haven't bought a new car or piece of jewelry in about 2 years...  (Stars, they’re just like us: they go two years between new Bentleys)
  80. I invest every dime back into creativity... hiring amazing creatives paying for flights, offices ... etc...  (private flights, I bet, offices in Paris and Japan and Italy)
  81. My area of expertise is in music, my passion is in music design film and products... my strength is connectivity...
  82. There are so many broken systems from the economy to school systems jail systems... we need experts for this...  (and the experts will be assembled by: Kanye West)
  83. We need scientist and top world designers to directly affect governments.
  84. If anyone would like to reach out email us at contactDONDA@gmail.com
  85. I just wanted to share what's been on my mind...
  86. "If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. ....
  87. ...But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas." - George Bernard Shaw  (so happy to end on such a thoughtful note)

Okay, he's thinking big.  I like that.  Stay tuned to see if there are more big plans from Mr. West...  :)))

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