The Black Keys: His and Her Blues

The Black Keys: His and Her Blues
Even the album cover is awesome.

In many cases, there is his music and there is her music and never the twain shall meet.  For example, Adele, Ellie Goulding and Florence + The Machine are for girls, while Foo Fighters, Bon Iver and Drake are for guys.  And Coldplay is for girls and gay guys, if you believe the banter in the The Forty Year Old Virgin.

But perhaps The Black Keys is a crossover exception.  Their new album is "El Camino", and I am definitely tardy to the party in my affinity for it, as was pointed out to me by a reader last week when I omitted it from my Top Ten of 2011 list.

The Black Keys' genre is listed in iTunes as Alternative, but Wikipedia lists it as Blues/Rock, which I think is more accurate.  They are just gritty enough to make a guy feel a little badass without making his female mate feel as though she's in a relationship with Buddy Guy.  Ladies, before you become too intimidated by the word "gritty", please know that The Black Keys are a couple of white guys from Akron, Ohio.  So it's not necessarily in their blood.

As testament to the fact that most bands have to put in some solid time before anyone has ever heard of them, The Black Keys released their first album in 2002.  They started to get a bit of press when they were nominated for four Grammy Awards in 2010 and even more when they performed on Saturday Night Live in January 2011, both associated with the album "Brothers".

"Brothers" was rather gritty indeed, but The Black Keys have polished things up just enough to make them very appealing to the mainstream on "El Camino."  I liked it, and I know my husband will, too.  Imagine The Black Keys uniting couples everywhere with their music, couples previously polarized by the likes of Beyoncé and Eminem.

If you’re wondering whether you should like The Black Keys, please watch the video below for “Lonely Boy” and if it doesn’t make you smile, dance and love The Black Keys, you are devoid of any sense of music or humor.  My visiting mother-in-law happened to walk into our home office while I was enjoying the video, which I’m sure she found curious.  I didn’t ask her what she thought- it would break my heart to watch her squirm her way out of telling me she liked it.

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