Joss Stone Might Help Fill the Amy Winehouse Void

Joss Stone Might Help Fill the Amy Winehouse Void

If you’re a fan of those cheeky British female rockers such as Adele, Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse (may she rest in peace), you might already be a fan of Joss Stone. I discovered her with her very first album back in 2003, and now she’s here with her fifth, “LP1”.

This album has a bit of a different sound than her previous albums as it was recorded down in Nashville with a band from that city. Joss’ voice takes center stage on most tracks, but she adds some sassy backup singers in a few, and one of her songs is with Dave Stewart (the silent one in the Eurythmics duo- didn’t actually know he could talk, much less sing), who also produced the album.

I quite enjoyed this album, partly because it was purchased and enjoyed while on vacation. My 17-year old daughter might like it less since we listened to it while she did an 8 ½ mile run in 100% humidity (with hills) while I gently rode my bike alongside. I had hoped that Joss would distract her from her task, but I now think she probably hates her by association.

If you already like Joss or the aforementioned British chick genre (I’m sure that’s accredited on iTunes), you’ll like “LP1”. In the meantime, some fun facts about Joss:

• Two men were arrested in June for allegedly plotting her murder
• She is part of the new group, Super Heavy, that also includes Mick Jagger, Damian Marley, A.R. Rahman and Dave Stewart
• She played the fourth wife of Henry VIII on “The Tudors”

Here is Joss singing “Newborn” with Dave Stewart on “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson”. Enjoy!


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