Everyone's Doing It: Gay and Singing

Illinois is abuzz with the same-sex civil union law taking effect this week.  Everyone's talking about the gays!  While I personally am not gay, I've thought from time to time about how I'd feel if one of my kids told me they were.  I think it all boils down to the main thing that everyone wants for their child: you want them to be happy.  Would I rather have one of my kids in an unhappy heterosexual relationship or a happy same-sex relationship?  There's your answer.

I recently saw the former Chastity Bono (now Chaz) on Oprah with his/her mom, Cher.  Cher was very accepting of Chaz's journey through announcing her lesbianism and later her desire to permanently change her gender to male.  It's hardly surprising that Cher is accepting of an alternative lifestyle since she has never been one to tow the line.  Frankly I'd be much more concerned about Chaz's weight- he's massive!  I wish his weight loss had the potential to be a future Oprah show.  Alas...

It has often fascinated me why people get so worked up about gays or polygamists or anyone else who chooses a less conventional course for themselves.  I should mention that I went to Catholic high school and wasn't raised by hippies, so it's not automatic that I would have this stance.  My main point (and I'm not apathetic by nature) is that I don't understand why anyone really cares that much what someone else chooses.  Isn't it better for everyone to be in happy, healthy relationships than trying to force themselves to be something they're not?  Good lord, I'm starting to sound like Lady Gaga.  Tomorrow I may be wearing a peacock on my head for my daughter's graduation- and she should accept me for doing that, I might add. 

In light of our progressive state, I thought I'd take a look at what musicians are openly gay (notice that I'm saying "musicians" as I was taken to task in a recent post about a few of the individuals I erroneously classified as "rockers").  Due to space considerations and some laziness on my part (since I am actually going to the effort of researching the gayness of each), I'm not including anyone who is bisexual or even bi-curious, although I hate to exclude anyone.  These have to be legit gays, so the aforementioned Gaga will not be included.  It's a nice list nonetheless.  Enjoy!



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  • I enjoyed your blog, but you just found out that Elton was married to a woman back in 1984? And he didn't adopt his new baby! He and his hubby David inseminated a surrogate mother with both of their baby batter! They don't know which one is the father. You need to check your facts a bit better.

  • In reply to rocknradio99:

    I don't know how I didn't know that Elton had been married before. Thanks for setting me straight on the surrogate- love the reference to baby batter!

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