Rocker Moms: Do They Still Rock After Having Kids?

Since I started posting my blogs on ChicagoNow, I regularly check in to see what people are looking at.  A month or two back, I noticed that by far the top blog being viewed was one I had never seen before: Moms Who Drink and Swear.  What?  Brilliant!  Of course more moms drink and swear than those who don't, but how many actually cop to it?  No, most are the kinds of moms who have fed into my working mom insecurities because they are overachievers who don't buy their baked goods at Jewel- they bake their own cookies.  This blog was a breath of fresh air.

Many people apparently agree with me because this drinking, swearing mom has a ridiculous number of followers.  After reading her blog since she started posting on ChicagoNow, I learned that she has a bleeding heart like I do (Exhibits A, B and C would be our own wayward pets) and frequently talks about struggles with autistic kids (my husband works with autistic kids), both of which make her seem more real somehow.  She's not just cussing for the gratuitous sake of it- she really has something to say.  What really won me over, however, was not her rescue pets or even the fact that she didn't want to help her kid have a lemonade stand (god bless her for being honest about that).  No, it was her promotion of a Facebook page honoring Pippa Middleton's backside.  Okay, this lady was the real deal.

I started thinking about how rare it is for someone to really speak their mind and not edit themselves, especially after they have kids.  Naturally, I'm always trying to find a connection to music, so I started wondering how many rocker moms out there still keep it real post-bebé.  I guess it's natural to soften up post-partum, but is that always the case?  Let's take a look...

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