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Mourning My Next Phase of Parenting

Can you stand one more piece about parents mourning a child leaving home?  If you have not yet been through it, you probably are especially sick of hearing other people cry about it.  There are plenty of bloggers who write about parenting and can probably express this transition more eloquently than a lowly music blogger... Read more »

A Walk Down Memory Lane: Yearbook Pictures of Some Famous Rockers

A Walk Down Memory Lane: Yearbook Pictures of Some Famous Rockers
‘Tis the season of high school graduations, and the spirit is in full swing in our house as we have our very own grad.  While my daughter loved high school, she is even more excited about college.  It’s a weird feeling having your child prepare to leave home and no longer have everyday oversight of... Read more »

So-So for Lady Gaga

If you are a Lady Gaga devotee, which means you’re a “monster” (don’t understand that one), it’s old news that her new album came out this week, and you probably don’t need to read my assessment of it before deciding whether to buy it.  There may be others of you, however, who consider yourselves casual... Read more »

Billboard Music Awards - Live Updates

9:59 – The show is over.  Go to bed! 9:57 – I didn’t want you to think I wasn’t providing updates any longer, but Neil is still performing, now backed by a choir onstage.  The length of his performance motivated the final kid downstairs to head up.  9:48 – Tribute to Neil Diamond.  He is... Read more »

A Rolling Stone and Stone Rollin' with Raphael Saadiq

If you’ve never heard of Raphael Saadiq I am very excited to be the one to introduce him to you, and I in turn have my uncle (Jeff W.- I also have an uncle Jeff S.) to thank for my own introduction.  I don’t have those kinds of aunts and uncles who have houses that... Read more »

Driven to Indifference by The Cars

Well, this is going to be short because I don’t have much to say but don’t want to feel like I completely wasted my money by buying The Cars’ new album, “Move Like This”, and not sharing my thoughts about it.  I was a relatively big Cars fan back in high school but haven’t heard... Read more »

Rocker Moms: Do They Still Rock After Having Kids?

Rocker Moms: Do They Still Rock After Having Kids?
Since I started posting my blogs on ChicagoNow, I regularly check in to see what people are looking at.  A month or two back, I noticed that by far the top blog being viewed was one I had never seen before: Moms Who Drink and Swear.  What?  Brilliant!  Of course more moms drink and swear... Read more »

Sunday is Music Mother's Day

Well, it’s Mother’s Day once again.  My kids are in the teenage phase of their lives, which isn’t always the most charitable time, so I had to be rather direct about the fact that I expected gifts.  Thankfully, my husband very perceptively realized that it was best for him to take control of the gift... Read more »

Ellie Goulding: Music Fit for a King (or at least a prince)

Until the death of Osama bin Laden spoiled the party, the only thing anyone could talk about last weekend was The Royal Wedding, and my house was no exception.  Thursday night I made coffee cake and at 4 AM Friday morning I was joined by two of my daughters to watch the coverage and spread... Read more »

The Death of bin Laden and Thoughts from 9/11: What is Music's Role?

Last night came the historic news that Osama bin Laden was dead.  Finally.  This morning while scrolling through my emails, I came across one encouraging the ChicagoNow bloggers to share personal experiences relating to this.  My immediate reaction was that it would be a non-blogging day for Music Mom.  After all, music seems fairly trivial... Read more »