Ellie Goulding: Music Fit for a King (or at least a prince)


Until the death of Osama bin Laden spoiled the party, the only thing anyone could talk about last weekend was The Royal Wedding, and my house was no exception.  Thursday night I made coffee cake and at 4 AM Friday morning I was joined by two of my daughters to watch the coverage and spread crumbs around the bed while we munched (my husband and the more annoying of the two dogs fled to finish the night on the couch).  My son joined us a short time later (mostly for the coffee cake) and provided some unsolicited commentary about the hats.

I thought there wasn't much for me to cover music-wise from the wedding- until last Saturday when I stumbled upon a bit of information informing me that William and Kate (or "Catherine" as she apparently now wishes to be called) asked one of their favorite artists, Ellie Goulding, to perform at their wedding reception.  Well, that made me sit up a bit, partly because I was alarmed that I had never heard of her.  Without missing a beat, I went straight to iTunes and began downloading Ellie's album, "Lights".  And I thought the only music related to the wedding was that boys' chorus that made me sleepy during the ceremony!  I listened to Ellie's album over the weekend and into this week and was going to just write about what I thought of it, but then I had a better idea.

One of my many couple talents is to analyze someone based on their musical preferences.  I do this without even being asked and thought it would be great fun to give a little insight on the Prince and Princess or Duke and Duchess or Earl and Earless or whatever they are based on the Ellie Goulding choice.  I consider it my wedding gift to them.  I'm putting it here on my blog because I don't have their royal email addresses to send it to them directly, so I'm sure they'll be checking this site pronto. 

What does the choice of Ellie Goulding say about William and Kate (I'm still calling her Kate)?

1. They are good and loyal Britons as Ellie is British.  To be fair, William and Kate may have felt some obligation to choose a British artist, seeing as how they're supposed to be heading up the country and all.  Maybe they thought it would look bad if they had to import Jack Johnson from Hawaii to entertain the crowds.  Still, points for making a good decision on this one.

2. They can think outside the box.  After all, even if they wanted to stay British they had other more popular choices, such as Adele or Mumford & Sons, both of whom have been dominating- dare I even say hogging- the Top 10 for quite some time now.  Via my internet research I did learn that Ellie is quite popular in her home country, even if most of us Americans haven't heard of her (that may change when she is the musical guest on Saturday Night Live this week).  On the other hand...

3. They enjoy a mainstream sound.  Ellie definitely has a "pop" sound.  While playing her album while I was working in the kitchen last weekend, my 18-year old commented that she liked her.  I seized the opportunity to bond over music, so I continued the conversation by noting that she reminded me of Natasha Bedingfield or Colbie Caillat, an opinion that my daughter promptly rejected.  I tried- I still think Ellie's a little similar to those two.

4. William is in touch with his feminine side.  Either that or Kate wears the pants in that relationship because Ellie doesn't strike me as normally being a huge draw to the male crowd.  She isn't a real "rocker" like Pink or someone along those lines- she's a blond little cutie.  On second thought, maybe William is a bit keen on her- blimey!

5. They might be a little naughty in private.  Here's where things go straight from rated G to PG-13: some of Ellie's songs are just a little suggestive, but in a respectful royal sort of way.  One of her songs is even called "Under the Sheets", although after I read the lyrics it didn't seem quite as risqué as I thought.  Also, when I started typing "Ellie Goulding" into Google it autofilled with "Ellie Goulding pink bra".  What?  Sure enough, she seems to sometimes perform in her undies (knickers!). 

And there you have it.  Don't you feel like you practically know William and Kate?  They might as well be your next door neighbors.  If you can't wait until this weekend to see Ellie on Saturday Night Live, here is her video for "Starry Eyed".  Enjoy!


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