Driven to Indifference by The Cars


Well, this is going to be short because I don't have much to say but don't want to feel like I completely wasted my money by buying The Cars' new album, "Move Like This", and not sharing my thoughts about it.  I was a relatively big Cars fan back in high school but haven't heard much about them since.  As it turns out, this new album is their first in 24 years, so they had quite a hiatus. 

The results of the first album in 24 years could mean one of two things, in my opinion.  First, this could end up being the very best album possible because the band members have spent 24 years preparing it.  Alternately, it's possible they haven't really been very inspired for the past 24 years and decided one night while having dinner together that "we should get the band back together".  I think it's the latter.

"Move Like This" isn't bad, it just isn't anything special.  I listened to it fresh off my new discovery (along with the rest of the world) of Ellie Goulding, so I was a little grumpy to feel obligated to listen to something that felt very mediocre.  Similarly, I'm super psyched to listen to the new Raphael Saadiq album (which I'm already planning to love), so The Cars are feeling kind of...blah.

Some of the songs sound so similar to their old stuff that they come off as pretty uninspired.  There is one song that sounds very much like "You're All I've Got Tonight".  There is another song that starts out sounding exactly like Cindi Lauper's "Time After Time", which is unfortunate.  "Sad Song" is getting some radio play, and it's perfectly pleasant.

In case you haven't discerned my position on this, I would recommend just passively experiencing The Cars' new songs as they happen to be on the radio as you're out and about.  It's not anything great enough to merit buying.

Here is the video for "Sad Song", as bizarre as their traditional videos.


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