I Love Music, But You're Not Likely to See Me at a Concert This Summer

I Love Music, But You're Not Likely to See Me at a Concert This Summer
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Well, it certainly is an exciting week for music lovers in Chicago, particularly those who enjoy an outdoor venue.  Not only was the Lollapalooza lineup announced but Ravinia tickets went on sale to the general public, as well. 

Several people who are aware of my love of music have inquired about my intentions with respect to these fabulous summer lineups and I'm afraid my responses may have made me seem a bit crabby. 

You see, I don't really love concerts (especially outdoors) and I've been to quite a few over the years.  Admittedly I have never been to an actual music festival, but I have a suspicion that would only aggravate my crankiness.

How is it possible to love music and not love live music, you ask?  Several reasons:

1. I am not rich.  Do you know how expensive it is to enjoy live music these days?  A 3-day pass to Lollapalooza is $215.  If you opted for the early bird special it was only $185, but the lineup hadn't even been announced yet!  Ravinia is a relatively good deal, but that can be pricey, too.  I did spring for lawn seats to take my daughter to see Carrie Underwood in September, and even those were $38 each (plus handling costs, of course). 

2. It could rain.  Or it could be hot, and nothing sounds less appealing than being smushed amongst a large crowd of people in the rain or heat or humidity- or all three.  When we've had Ravinia tickets in the past, we obsessively tracked the weather for days leading up to it because the show will go on rain or shine and there are no refunds!

3. I am old.  Okay, I'm middle aged, but I perceive myself to be old in a concert setting.  Having three (soon to be four) teenagers, I am highly sensitive to the judgmental looks of surrounding youth to their elders and I don't need to experience those looks from strangers in my free time.  Plus, what could I possible wear that wouldn't look like I was a middle aged mom trying not to look like one?

4. I work and I'm tired.  Nothing is more of a drag than being out late and then getting up early the following morning for work.  I know the 24-year olds in the cool part of town do it on the regular, but honestly I don't even want to go to my neighborhood Bunco night anymore.  Once I'm home from work, that's pretty much it for me.

5. I like the artist.  This one might seem contradictory, but the more I like a particular artist the more likely I am to be disappointed by the show.  Back in the day when I could still pass for "young" and had not solidly moved into middle age, I saw Dave Matthews in concert several times.  Each time, he ended up either playing new material or songs I wasn't crazy about and missed loads of songs that I loved. 

Two summers ago, I thought I was living a real-life fantasy when John Legend came to Ravinia.  I dragged my husband and another couple to the concert, despite the fact that none of them were particularly big fans.  Big mistake.  They chatted and played cards through the entire thing until I was about to yell at them to be quiet.  Then on the shuttle bus back to the remote parking lot our bus hit a car, which caused an extra hour delay.  And I was tired and grumpy at work the next day. 

As you can see, there are many reasons to stay home rather than go to live shows this summer.  Now, just so I don't sound like a total crank, there are a good many awesome artists hitting up our fine city this summer and I plan to catalogue my favorites for my next post.  However, I'll likely just be enjoying them on my iPod rather than seeing them live.

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