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Happy Birthday To Me!

Are you a birthday diva?  Some people are, some are not.  I am a “not”.  It’s not that I dislike my birthday, but I don’t care about it as much as some.  Because my birthday typically coincides with spring break, I haven’t actually worked on my special day in at least a decade.  Excitingly, my... Read more »

Music Version of the Final Four

Music Version of the Final Four
I have officially lost all of the very small amount of interest I ever had in the NCAA tournament since my bracket is completely dead.  Therefore, my interest has shifted to any notable musicians who originated from the schools remaining.  I am going with VCU to win it all because that was the only school to... Read more »

My Stay-Cation Spring Break with The Strokes

This is the kind of album I have a difficult time writing about: I don’t love it but I don’t hate it either.  Perhaps I should stick with albums that I’m excited about and have a high likelihood of success for me, although then I’d miss out on some of the unexpected surprises I’ve had.... Read more »

7 Songs About Days of the Week (that aren't "Friday")

Aside from the NCAA tournament, the most popular sport the past few days is bashing Rebecca Black’s song, “Friday”. Granted, lyrics aren’t the wittiest ever (unless you’re struggling with the sequence of days of the week), but everyone can relate to the sentiment behind them: excitement about the end of the week. For most people... Read more »

Rebecca Black's "Friday": Love or Hate?

This afternoon while trying to get a bit of work done that the 23 meetings I had this week wouldn’t allow (breathe…), a coworker sent me the link to the YouTube video for Rebecca Black, the teen of questionable talent whose music video went viral this week.  I had read about Rebecca in the paper,... Read more »

iTunes' Top 10 Songs and a Trivia Quiz to Match

iTunes' Top 10 Songs and a Trivia Quiz to Match
Rather than buying a new album this week, I decided to check out the songs in the iTunes top 10 (as of Tuesday morning).  Although my commentary about each song is fascinating, I decided to make things even more interesting by adding a little trivia.  The facts in this quiz represent the kind of useless information... Read more »

Spring is Coming, According to the Calendar Anyway

Show of hands: who is so over this winter???  It doesn’t matter what particular Chicago winter it is–never mind one that saw the third largest snowstorm ever and what seemed to be many low temperatures–this is usually the time of year when everyone is dying for some sun and pleasant outdoor opportunities.  And really, the... Read more »

Remembering the Good Old Days with New R.E.M.

I was so excited when I noticed a couple weeks back that R.E.M. was coming out with a new album.  I have been a big fan since college when my roommate introduced me to that group.  She was a huge U2 fan, as well, but I really took to R.E.M.  This was back in the... Read more »

Irish Eyes Are Smiling, Even on the Germans

I have lived my entire life being mistaken as Irish.  Because I am Catholic, have fair skin and a tendency to freckle, it is assumed that my last name must be O’Shea.  My younger sister has it worse: she has red hair and her name is Maggie.  Although I can claim a very small amount... Read more »

Rahm's and My Pick This Week: Lucinda Williams

I’m not a Rahm Emanuel stalker, even though it might seem like it based on how frequently I’ve been referencing him recently (although I couldn’t figure out how to fit him into my Justin Bieber post), but he has been consistently presenting himself in a musical way lately.  This past week on WXRT’s Chicago Day... Read more »