The Boring Songs at the Oscars


Well, the Academy Awards don't hold quite the intrigue for Music Mom as, say, the Grammys did two weeks ago.  However, they do have a tiny bit of a musical aspect to them: Best Original Song.  This year, they brought back the tradition of having the artists perform the nominated songs.  Admittedly, I did not do my homework in this category and had never heard of any of the four songs nominated.  I questioned why only four songs were nominated, as did the winner in a very funny acceptance speech.  A quick recap of the performances:

• "We Belong Together" performed by Randy Newman ("Toy Story 3") - Who anywhere in the world doesn't love the "Toy Story" movies or Randy Newman singing their songs.  He's awesome and has created an identifiable musical sound to this series.  He has almost replaced my primary association with him, "I Love L.A."
• "I See The Light" performed by Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi ("Tangled") - Kind of a generic song and performance, in my opinion.  How do you think they choose to have Mandy Moore sing a song for a movie?  The most striking thing about the performance was Mandy's huge dress.
• "If I Rise" performed by Florence Welch and A.R. Rahman ("127 Hours") - Rather than Flo, this song was actually sung by Dido for the movie, but Dido was unavailable (really?).  The song was a little boring.  Does anyone else think that it's inappropriate for a redhead to be wearing a burnt orange dress?
• "Coming Home" performed by Gwyneth Paltrow ("Country Strong") - How is it that Gwyneth, whose primary vocation is acting, performed at the Grammys two weeks ago and tonight at the Oscars?  Not bad, not bad.  But should blonds really wear gold?  I feel like people are not supposed to be monochromatic, especially on Oscar night.

The fact that I noticed the outfits more than the music to me means these songs were boring.  Really, there weren't any songs out there that were more interesting than these?  Anyway, Randy Newman won, which is great, he had an entertaining acceptance speech and he had my vote, so all is good.  Now if only they would finish all the other awards so I could go to bed!

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