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What's the Big Deal About Justin Bieber? My Quest For The Answer

What's the Big Deal About Justin Bieber?  My Quest For The Answer
Wondering what all the hoopla about the little moppy-haired Bieber boy is all about?  I was too, so when my issues of Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone arrived recently and both featured cover stories on the lad, I seized the opportunity to educate myself.  After reading the interviews in both publications, I even…saw the Justin... Read more »

The Boring Songs at the Oscars

Well, the Academy Awards don’t hold quite the intrigue for Music Mom as, say, the Grammys did two weeks ago.  However, they do have a tiny bit of a musical aspect to them: Best Original Song.  This year, they brought back the tradition of having the artists perform the nominated songs.  Admittedly, I did not... Read more »

Adele May Soon Be Rolling in the Hits

A couple weeks ago I did a piece on Grammy winners for Best New Artists from the past decade or so.  I was surprised to be reminded that Adele won that award two years ago because I feel like we haven’t heard much from her since “Chasing Pavements”.  Coincidental timing: Adele released her second full-length... Read more »

Reacclimating Rahm to Chicago (Music)

Well, there’s a new mayor in town- how exciting!  I’ve never given any thought to whether Mayor Daley likes music or what it might sound like, but Rahm is another story!  He had a fundraiser at the House of Blues featuring Jennifer Hudson and is open about his love for Wilco.  I am somewhat of... Read more »

Can't Decide Who to Vote for Tuesday? Let Music Guide Your Mayoral Selection

It’s a momentous time in Chicago.  The changing of the guard represents a possible opportunity or a possible setback in terms of the city’s music scene.  In case you still can’t decide who to vote for, take a look at four of the candidates’ musical preferences as well as their positions on several issues relating... Read more »

A Study in Previous "Best New Artist" Winners

Intrigued by the fact that someone I have never heard of (Esperanza Spalding) won “Best New Artist” at the Grammys Sunday, I decided to check out who has won in previous years to see what kind of indicator this award is for future success.  I bought Esperanza’s album this morning (even though I knew it... Read more »

When the Worlds of Music and Mom Almost Collide: A Grammy Scare

As anyone who knows me or reads my blog knows, I’ve been looking forward to the Grammys for weeks.  I have tried to arm myself with information, I bought music that had been nominated and, of course, I blogged about it.  I also tried to somewhat plan my weekend around being free Sunday evening so... Read more »

Play-By-Play Grammy Updates

10:28 – Time for bed.  What a great night- thanks for joining me! 10:22 – Album of the Year: “The Suburbs” by Arcade Fire.  Well, I must now eat my words.  I am shocked that they won!  I’d like a look at Eminem’s face since everyone thought he would win, but it would look exactly... Read more »

Remembering Grammys Past

Okay, is this one of those that everyone felt bad that they didn't win 25 years ago, so they had them win in 2000?  I think their acceptance speech might have been a little more interesting 25 years earlier, too- yawn.
While doing research in an attempt to predict who would win Album Of The Year at the Grammys this year, I looked back at who has won them in the past to see if that would guide my prediction.  My conclusion: no, it didn’t.  Some of these past winners seem pretty far out, while others... Read more »

My Grammy Picks

Can you believe the Grammy Awards are almost here?  Have you also been having trouble sleeping because of the excitement and anticipation?  Did you also make a paper chain counting down the days?  I thought so! Obviously I have to make predictions because it’s the responsible thing for someone in my position to do, but... Read more »