Who Has Better Musician Fans: Bears or Packers?

Did you ever have a science experiment in middle school that went horribly wrong, like the whole lab caught fire?  That's kind of how this post has gone. 

I set out to demonstrate that the Bears have better musical fans than the Packers because I assumed it to be true (based on absolutely no evidence, which in retrospect was probably a misstep).  I began with some internet research (off to a scientific start) about famous Packers fans and plucked out those affiliated with music.  It was an encouraging start because of the amount of material I was able to collect.  I made a quick list and moved on to similar search strategies for the Bears fans.  I came up with...Gary Sinise, whose "job" is singing just about as much as mine is blogging.

I wasted no time broadening my parameters and just kept coming up with George Wendt over and over.  I finally resorted to looking up musicians from Chicago and doing Google searches about whether they might possibly be Bears fans.  The results were inconclusive (meaning I couldn't find any evidence that they are Bears fans except that they are from Chicago and are presumably fans as a result). Therefore, I am using what's called "creative license" to complete this project, which I am now regretting that I ever started. 

Here we go, starting with Packers fans since those are a little more solid.  This is ending up being actual musicians who are Packers fans and just some random pictures of musicians who originated in Chicago.



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