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Three months ago when I first started posting on ChicagoNow, my very first piece was about making a playlist to help you fall asleep.  To my surprise, that post still gets traffic pretty much every single day based on keyword searches that have me envisioning crazy-eyed insomniacs all over the world.  I am blessed to be one of those people who never has trouble falling asleep and never wakes up during the night.  When the kids were younger, we used to keep a sleeping bag in our room and if someone woke up and couldn't get back to sleep, they could roll out the sleeping bag.  There were many mornings that I woke up to find a child next to my side of the bed, never having heard them come in.  What a conscientious mommy!

The flip side to falling asleep easily is that I often have trouble waking up in the morning.  The alarm on my cell phone allows five minutes every time the "snooze" is hit, which I regularly use for 30 minutes or more.  This drives my husband crazy because he doesn't have to get up for a good 90 minutes after I do, so he usually takes the dogs downstairs and they all go back to sleep on the couch, leaving me to continue hitting the snooze button guilt free.

For the past 18 years, I have left the house before anyone in the house is out of bed, although with three kids in high school, I can hear the alarms going off as I'm getting myself out the door.  My son's alarm is that song they play when the Blackhawks score a goal, and he hits his snooze regularly which drives his sisters crazy, so I've passed along my bad habit to the next generation.

When the kids were little, I obviously tried to stay quiet so as not to inadvertently start their day several hours early.  Over the years, I've become conditioned to remaining as quiet as possible out of courtesy to the other five sleeping humans in the house, not to mention the menagerie of animals.  It has dawned on me, however, that they are all essentially comatose anyway and I can probably lighten up on the tip-toeing a little. 

This morning I read an article in a magazine about using music to help you rise in the morning.  The idea is that you create a playlist of music that is about the length of time it takes you to get up and get ready for your day, and the tempo of the songs picks up the closer you get to completing the whole preparation process so that by the time you're out the door you will practically be dancing.  I'm intrigued by the idea, the only drawback being that I usually nap on the train on the way into work, so I really only need to be awake enough to safely drive a couple miles.  I'm like a baby who needs a nap an hour after getting up.  Nonetheless, I'm thinking of giving the music idea a try and will see if I get any complaints from the others in my house about the music.  My prediction is that no one will notice, and if they do they'll probably be relieved that it's only Mom who has to get up while they can go back to sleep for another 15 minutes or so.

Here is the 50-minute playlist I've put together for myself.  I had a surprising number of songs on my iPod that have to do with morning and waking up.  I've organized their sequence from sleepiest to most wakeful.  I've even thrown a little Kanye in because nothing wakes you up like profanity in the morning!  Logistically I'm not yet sure how this will work since it's not practical to have my iPod on while I get ready for work and we don't have a docking station in every room.  Those are minor details.  We'll see how it goes!

• "Good Morning" - John Legend
• "Morning Bell" - Radiohead
• "Good Morning" - Kanye West
• "Soon the New Day" - Talib Kweli feat. Norah Jones
• "Wake Up Everybody" - John Legend and The Roots, feat. Common and Melanie Fiona
• "Woke Up This Morning" - Alabama 3 (Sopranos theme)
• "Daylight" - Coldplay
• "Everybody Wake Up" - Dave Matthews Band
• "Wake Up" - Arcade Fire
• "Then The Morning Comes" - Smash Mouth
• "Every Morning" - Sugar Ray
• "Let The Day Begin" - The Call

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