Happy? These Songs Will Bring You Right Down


Yesterday (January 17) was a good day.  I didn't have work due to the holiday, and I spent the day up in Michigan with my kids after a couple days of skiing.  January 17 also has happy connotations for me because it was my son's due date 15 years ago (although he was annoyingly born two days late after his two preceding sisters were both ten days early- I had already been off work for two weeks waiting for the blessed event!).  Overall, I believed I had a pleasant day.  Ah, how wrong I was...

I heard from several internet and radio sources that January 17 is "statistically" the most depressing day of the year, although I'm not sure how that's calculated.  The winter is stretching endlessly before us (we got 6 inches of snow while in Michigan), most people have already broken their New Year's resolutions (check) and the holidays are a distant memory but for the credit card bills that have recently arrived (hmm, so true).  What's to be happy about?  Upon reflection, I could not believe I didn't realize that the day was so dismal.

Your favorite musical artists are to the rescue with gloomy music ideal for wallowing in your misery.  I was actually able to compile so many songs in this category that I had to whittle it down or else be forced to include a link to the Suicide Prevention Hotline.  I considered providing a list of happy, cheerful songs to lift your spirits, but I knew everyone would see through that phony façade during a time of such wretchedness.  Besides, if I did that what kind of songs would I have to offer on the third Friday in June, the happiest day of the year? 

Listen at your own risk.  If you feel you may be susceptible to being extra blue, you probably shouldn't attempt this collection.  However, if you're comfortable with your mopey feelings, these songs will suit your mood perfectly.  Enjoy!

• "Havin' a Bad Day" - Blue Flannel
• "It's a Shame" - Bruce Springsteen
• "No One's Gonna Love You" - Cee Lo Green
• "Hang Me Up to Dry" - Cold War Kids
• "We Used to be Friends" - The Dandy Warhols
• "Alone and Forsaken" - Dave Matthews and Neil Young
• "Everything Falls Apart" - dog's eye view
• "Sullen Girl" - Fiona Apple
• "Only Happy When it Rains" - Garbage
• "Everybody's Hurting" - Jakob Dylan
• "99 Problems" - Jay-Z
• "Waiting for the Sun" - The Jayhawks
• "Headache" - Liz Phair
• "The Good Times Are Killing Me" - Modest Mouse
• "It's the End of the World as We Know It" - R.E.M.
• "Call It A Day" - The Raconteurs
• "Bury Me Under the Weeping Willow" - Rosanne Cash
• "Driven to Tears" - Sting
• "Hate It Here" - Wilco
• Anything by Ray LaMontagne

And remember, it's only (a little more than) two months until spring!

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  • What about Beck? He's got some great songs for sad people--"Loser" and "Lost Cause" to name a few.

  • Add "Alone again naturally" by Gilbert O'Sullivan.

  • Both good ones!

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