My Favorite Videos of 2010

I thought that as 2010 nears its conclusion and before I subject you to my lists of the best songs and albums of the year, I'd reflect on the videos I enjoyed most.  In the spirit of full disclosure, I did not start writing my blog until April, so perhaps this should more accurately be entitled "My Favorite Videos of 75% of 2010".  I came up with eight favorites, which I'll present here in ascending order to build excitement, just like a real countdown show.

8. "Crossfire" - Brandon Flowers.  This video courtesy of the Killers' frontman is like its own little action flick, complete with Hollywood actress Charlize Theron playing the part of the heroine.  Don't mind the torture scenes, it's all just for fun! 

7. "No Better Than This" - John Mellencamp.  This video might strike you as boring, but it's kind of a fun upbeat song and he lets it be just that.  He adds a dancing girl to get you in the mood.  I'm not sure it will make her as famous as Courtney Cox, but she still looks like she's enjoying the song.



6. "Little Lion Man" - Mumford & Sons.  You know how sometimes you like a song and then you watch the video and it's kind of weird and then you don't like the song as much?  Well, Mumford & Sons wasn't taking any chances on this.  They're just rocking out to their own awesome song. 


5. "Radioactive" - Kings of Leon. KoL want to show how much fun they are in this video where they run and romp with kids at a church picnic. I know it's cheesy, but I like it anyway. Plus, how great a church picnic would it really be if the Kings of Leon weren't playing soccer and horseshoes with the little ones?


4. "Your Hands" - The New Pornographers. This video features some talented and attractive martial artists who are exactly in sync with the music of the song, and for some reason I find it mesmerizing.



3.  "Stuck Like Glue" - Sugarland. I'm not a big Sugarland fan, nor was I initially fond of this song, but the video won me over with its playful take on a stalker. What could be more fun?



2.  "Giving Up the Gun" - Vampire Weekend. Curious to know what Jake Gyllenhaal and Joe Jonas look like playing tennis? RZA is the line judge and Lil Jon also makes an appearance speaking French and giving tennis pointers. I have no idea what any of it has to do with the song, but it sure is fun to watch.



1.  "F* You" - Cee Lo Green. I don't know why I'm hiding the profanity in the title since the word appears in the video just below. This is a video that absolutely nails the vibe of the song. My favorite part is the backup singers.



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