10 Random Songs from My iPod and How They Got There

Have you been trying to think of a way to get to know Music Mom better?  Bingo!  While walking to the train this afternoon (yes, I had to work today), I finished listening to a podcast and panicked because I was then without any listening material for the duration of my walk in the rain.  I put my iPod on shuffle, which I rarely ever do, and then hatched the idea of describing the first ten songs (I have 2,461 all together) that played and how I acquired them.  Doesn't that sound fascinating?  I will be the first admit I probably need to do some spring cleaning of my library, so I was a tiny bit apprehensive about what ten songs might pop up but resolved to publish the list without editing.  Here they are.

1. "Mirror" - Mary J. Blige and Eve.  Off to a good start!  A few years ago I discovered MJB and went crazy buying her albums.  This is a great song that I haven't listened to for a while.  Incidentally, while I was listening intently and thinking about how I got this particular album, I almost got hit by a car while I was jaywalking and not paying close attention to traffic.  I hate to say that music can be hazardous to your health, but please be careful.

2. "Jesus Walks" - Kanye West.  This song made an appearance in a blog post I did of spiritual songs by contemporary artists a few months ago, but I hadn't heard the song for a while before that.  I've been a Kanye fan for years, so it's not a big surprise that I have this older song in my collection.

3. "Howlin' For You" - The Black Keys.  I reviewed The Black Keys' album ("Brothers") a few months back after it was released because I loved their first single, "Tighten Up".  The Black Keys were one of my exciting new finds of 2010.

4. "Do the Walls Come Down" - Carly Simon.  Back in the day (and by that I mean back in the 80s), I absolutely loved those 60s and 70s artists like Carly, James Taylor, Carole King and Simon & Garfunkel, probably because it was the kind of music my parents listened to during my formative years.  As my little ducklings prepare to leave the nest (that doesn't sound right- I don't know if ducks really have nests), I can only hope I have given them the tools to make good musical choices themselves.

5. "True Companion" - Marc Cohn.  A few years back, a coworker loaned me Marc's self-titled cd, and I absolutely fell in love with this song, which is possibly the sweetest love song I know- and I'm not usually sappy and romantic that way.  How exciting that the song popped up in the first ten I played!

6. "Up From the South" - The Budos Band.  Here is an example of a song that might be a spring cleaning victim.  I got it free on iTunes as something called "Songs From the House of Soul", which sounded better when I downloaded than it ended up being. 

7. "Fall in Boston" - Chris Bentliff.  Never heard of Chris Bentliff?  Me either, but a few years ago some close friends were going to Boston for their young daughter's surgery there.  Before they went, I made a cd of songs about Boston for them, so this was kind of a blind iTunes purchase.  It's a pretty good song, though.

8. "Fantasize" - Liz Phair.  Again, this was a cd ("whitechocolatespaceegg") loaned to me by a coworker.  It sort of kicked off an affinity for Liz, a local gal to boot, and I later acquired her more famous (and raunchier) album, "Exile in Guyville".

9. "Driven to Tears" - Sting.  This particular version of the song is from the "Help for Haiti" album and has more of a jazz feel to it.  What can you say about Sting?  He's legendary, so you can't really go wrong no matter what the source of the song.

10. "Clap Your Hands" - Sia.  This was another album ("We Are Born") I reviewed for my blog over the summer.  Unfortunately, my first listen to the album was during a long indoor run that wasn't all that enjoyable, so that is still my association to the songs on the album.  Not Sia's fault.

So there you have it: me in a random nutshell.  I hope this exercise has been as informative for you as it has been fun for me.  Incidentally, Happy New Year!

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