Not Taking Offense to Cee Lo Green


I struggle a little with the new Cee Lo Green album ("The Lady Killer"), not because I don't like it, but because the first single contains a word and phrase that is strictly verboten in my house ("F**k You").  That being said, I am not Cee Lo's mother (unfortunately she has passed), and if that is how he chooses to convey his feelings then who am I to interrupt artistic expression?  Also, there is a relatively satisfactory cleaned-up version for radio play ("Forget You") or those who are more delicate than I.  Due to my work environment, I am fairly immune to profanity being part of everyday speak, but that doesn't mean I want my kids talking that way.

Anyway, I often remember the initial circumstances during which I heard a particular album, in this case my freshman son's first volleyball tournament.  The boy has been rather bouncy his whole life and never met a doorway threshold that he didn't jump up to touch as he passed through it.  To my delight, I discovered that volleyball is the perfect sport for a jumpy lad as jumping is not only encouraged but also required.  Who knew he was practicing all these years for a future career in the sport, and if he grows another foot or so in the near future, probably a scholarship and even a professional career?  (Okay, we're shooting to make the freshman high school team in the spring)  Anyone who has ever been to a volleyball tournament knows that there is plenty of downtime for the parents.  There is the initial 45 minute warm-up, time between games, and time they are required to "ref" games for other teams.  Naturally, the tournament is held too far away to do anything productive other than sit.  All that downtime provided a lovely opportunity to experience Cee Lo Green for the first time.

You might remember Cee Lo from his career as half of Gnarls Barkley, bringing us the megahit "Crazy" a few years back.  Gwyneth Paltrow brought a bit more notoriety to "F**k You" this week when she sang the "Forget You" version on "Glee".  I watched a little clip of Cee Lo's reaction to that and (without having seen it yet) he described it as "so awesome".  Hmm, I watched it and didn't think it was that great, especially since I've been spoiled by the real video (below).  Gwyneth seems to be trying to break into singing these days so we might be hearing more from her (whenever I see Gwyneth I just want to fetch her a hamburger- I know she's vegan and that's not realistic, but she's way too skinny).

Overall, I found this whole album quite enjoyable.  I indulged only in the regular version rather than the expensive version.  Aside from the "F**k You", I liked "Bright Lights Bigger City", "Wildflower" and "Cry Baby".  There isn't a bad song on the album; I love the overall 70s vibe the album has and the kind of songs I can sing along to, pretending I have more rhythm than I actually do. 

Enjoy the video, although be warned that it is the real deal.  Cee Lo did not sing "Forget You" to those who wronged him in the real version, so that is not what you're getting here.  It's only fair that I stay true to the artist's original work.

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