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I moved a mile away to a different world

I’ve been gone for a couple of months, lost in a land of packing boxes, Goodwill donations, and memories. After 24 years in the same house, every item I touched contained recollections of the time we spent there. There were many goodbyes – to cassette tapes, maps and detritus from travel, newspapers with notable-at-the-time headlines.... Read more »

Moving: 5 lessons I forgot

Changing houses has its lessons. It’s very like childbirth – you know it’s going to be something, but you forget what. Luckily. Longtime empty-nesters, we knew we had one more house in us, but searched without success for ages for something that would move us to move. The one that finally called to us began... Read more »

Gay marriage ruling: An invitation to compassion

The winds of change are blowing. The ruling from the (supremely divided) Supreme Court frees the rest of the population who happen to be gay and happen to be in love to go ahead and get married if they’d like. It’s a bad time for doom-sayers who predict the ruin of the country – collapsing... Read more »

The best advice I ever received: Don't be a Superwoman - save some for later

The wisest bit of advice I received as a young woman came from Darlene, even though I didn’t follow it. She was a five-years-older lady I knew just a little.  We talked one day about the differences between her generation and mine. She was raised in the women-as-housebound-caretaker era; me in the second-wave feminist you-can-do-everything... Read more »

My childhood memory: The ice crusher - suddenly I could ice skate

My friend Helen invited me over to her house. We were ten or so and lived a few blocks apart, me in a red brick apartment building, Helen in a handsome gray house down a twisty and treed Southside street. She lived right next to the park and its pond. I’d been there before and... Read more »

Ms Crankypants and me: My blogging goals for 2015

Let’s call these goals, not resolutions. Resolutions have a bad reputation, for good reason, as they are generally dismissed as soon as they hit the screen. (I almost said paper, but that is hopelessly outdated.) In 2015 I will: Post more often, shooting for twice a week most weeks Add photos, at least some of... Read more »

Miracle revealed: Men tackle domestic violence thanks to Ray Rice!

As someone who has been part of the effort to figure out how to eliminate domestic violence, and who has said for years that men are the ones who should do the heavy lifting on this problem considering that they are usually the perpetrators, I am happy to report some good news: Men may have... Read more »

Why did my husband survive the Plainfield tornado? Luck or divine intervention? If divine intervention, why him?

It’s been 24 years since a tornado roared a path from the outskirts of Plainfield through the countryside to Crest Hill, destroying homes, churches, schools and everything else in its path, and killing 28 people. It was an F 5 storm, notable for the length of time and distance that it spent on the ground.... Read more »

Seeing the other side: Funeral director turned artist creates Umbrellas for Peace

I read obituaries because I love people and I love stories. I’m often left with regret that I never crossed paths with the fascinating person who just died, so sometimes I keep a copy of the obit out of respect.  Take Matt Lamb, who died in 2012, whose name I recognized as a funeral director... Read more »

Friend gets married in her sixties - myths busted and hearts warmed!

The bride advances down the aisle in a short, bejeweled, salmon-colored dress, wearing a Fascinator in her hair (more on that later), glowing as brides are supposed to glow. This is Chris, my long-time friend, single all her life until this moment, the one who has lived in New York, London, done business in the... Read more »