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School Shootings: 4 things that should be obvious by now

18 school shootings so far in 2018, and it is only Valentine’s Day. Where will we be by July 4th, Veterans”s Day, Christmas? One thing we can all agree on, children should not be giving up their lives for our inaction on problems we continue to avoid. Here’s what looks obvious to me: To identify likely... Read more »

Call them survivors not victims: the power of language in sexual harassment

These women who have suffered sexual harassment or assault, these “accusers,”  these women  (and men) harmed by powerful men with no restraints – either internal or external – have been waiting for acknowledgement for a long time. Some spoke up and were ignored or sidelined. Others turned inward, embarrassed or ashamed or silently enraged, to deal with the trauma... Read more »

The public face and private cluelessness of the sexual harasser

The current deluge of sexual harassment stories is a real opportunity for all of us to come to understand the sexual predator in a whole new way. As we hear story after story, we can begin to see patterns, even as we retch at the details, from gropes and grabs to full-on assault. I see a natural... Read more »

Matt Lauer: The problem with your sexual harassment apology statement

Memo to Matt Lauer:: Re: Your sexual harassment apology Matt, nice statement but maybe you should have had someone look it over one more time before your people launched it. The emotional tone works, The line about getting past this issue being your full-time job now is a nice touch. But there is one glaring... Read more »

A grownup in grad school: The radical difference between me and my peers

In grad school, while studying and practicing to become a counselor, I became a grownup. I’d had other moments coming up that demonstrated to me that I wasn’t there yet – like when the checkout lady at the Hi-Low grocery store handed me the bag and said, “Well, little lady, I’d say you were old... Read more »

Obama's welcome letter to Trump: A few tips on being President

It is traditional for the outgoing president to leave a letter for his successor.  All the bloggers around here at ChicagoNow were invited to imagine what that letter might say. Here’s what I picture waiting on the desk in the Oval Office. Dear Donald: You and I started out in very different places, but both of... Read more »

What would Martin Luther King think of us today? Maybe he can help

What would Martin Luther King, Jr. think if he could see us today? Maybe he’d be more than surprised that we have a special day to commemorate his work. Perhaps he would look around our neighborhoods and wonder that so many still scream separateness? Perhaps he would be pleased to learn that words from his I... Read more »

The Cubs' new story: Goodbye goat, hello hope

There’s a new story in town in Chicago. No more torment of poor Steve Bartman. No more warnings about goats. No more victimhood narratives to explain our lovable losers’ lack of achievement. As all of us younger than 108 have grown up with these stories, we are still tender. All season, despite the distinct whiff of... Read more »

An argument for fall: its invitation to live for today

I’m never happier than right now, when the wind shifts, and the AC stops blowing on me at my desk so that I have to go get a jacket inside my own house, and the bugs go away. I can still hear locusts at night, but they are fading. The first dry leaves crackle under... Read more »

Fifteen years after 9/11: From unity to fracture

9-11-01 It wasn’t often that my husband peppered me with phone calls at the office. He knew that I was usually in session with counseling clients, so my phone was mostly off. When I saw mid- morning that he’d called several times, it made me edgy. I called right away and he said, “Have you... Read more »