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I'm watching David Letterman again: after our breakup

I used to keep company with David Letterman, but then I left him. Too many tired, lazy jokes about John McCain being old, the creepy way he would kiss the hands of luscious females at the end of their interviews, and then the revelation that Dave was just another practitioner of male celebrity sexual predator... Read more »

A story that wants to be told of video I'd like to see: A 15 foot wall of molasses coming down the street

What moment in history would you like to see for yourself? That’s the topic of the week around ChicagoNow. How about seeing a 15 foot wall of molasses flowing down your street? That interests me. It was 1919 Boston. A giant storage tank was filled to the brim with 26 million pounds of molasses. Some... Read more »

Oscars 2015: The Year of the Blunder

My Oscars 2015 rundown: Blunder #1: Leaving Joan Rivers out of the In Memoriam list. Do you people not understand where your bread is buttered? She and her 20 years of snarky fashion commentary lavished so much attention on your event, and made the red carpet the thing we wanted to see, that you should... Read more »

SNL 40: Time travel and Kanye's failed rehab attempt

Saturday Night Live didn’t have much relationship with rehab when it could have counted. John Belushi, dead of drug overdose at 33; Chris Farley, dead of drug overdose at 33. I’m not blaming SNL for that, and don’t know what attempts were made to intervene with either of them, out of friendship and/or concern for... Read more »

Jackie Robinson West stripped of title: What I hope the boys understand

So, it was too good to be true. Scrappy team from the South Side, with the support of parents, coaches, neighborhoods, and eventually the whole city, wins the national Little League title. And then goes to the Little League World Series and plays with heart and good sportsmanship, loses big, but ends up goofing around... Read more »

The wrong-way DUI driver and her victim: an addiction counselor's view

Recently fellow ChicagoNow blogger Erin Massey  was badly injured in a wrong-way DUI crash on I-55. She and her family and friends face pain and hardship as she recovers. The driver will face – what? Criminal penalties no doubt, with legal fees. And whatever form of personal reckoning she is capable of. That’s right, I... Read more »

Bill Cosby interview: Getting his own way again?

The scene looked all too familiar. A powerful man, this time a comedian rather than a politician, facing the camera, with his wife silently standing by her man. Only this time, they were both seated, Bill Cosby and his wife Camille, facing an AP reporter who reluctantly “went there” and began asking about the rape... Read more »

Angry black and white women unite! Shonda Rhimes show us how

I think I can help with the Shonda Rhimes vs New York Times dustup over a story that meant to praise her but ended up marginalizing her. Sometimes, as we have all experienced, it’s both what you say and how you say it. I’ll let others debate skin color and incendiary headlines. I want at... Read more »

A chance to share: A writing contest on domestic violence

Domestic violence is suddenly on the news, and former NFLer Ray Rice is responsible for that. But DV is present every day in the lives of our communities, whether visible or not. The circles widen from one push, one punch, endless denigration, into the community. DV used to be surrounded by silence, but no more.... Read more »

Found wisdom: Menards’ weekly secret offer

I used to grab the Sunday paper, fish out the comics and the Sunday magazine, then gather the bundle of ads and chuck it in the recycling bin. That’s what I did until my friend told me a secret about Menards. You know Menards, the quirky home improvement store that also sneaks in food items,... Read more »