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Writing Your Way Through a Pandemic: Your COVID-19 Journal is waiting to be written

You are already keeping a pandemic journal of sorts. Take a look at your 2020 calendar. Starting in March, mine is a pattern of large Xs wiping my schedule clean of Book Club, friends coming over for dinner, visit to Botanic Garden, and ten other things, all cancelled. By April it was Zoom calls instead: weekly... Read more »

The COVIDiots strike again! It's not time to open up the gates of COVID-19

I predicted this. The COVIDiots, freed from some of their restraints in some states to do some things, are beginning to swarm. The darn shame is that some of them are the governors of some states, hold high office, or just generally believe that no one gets to be the boss-of-them, like the guy on... Read more »

The Other Reason to Shelter in Place from COVID-19: It's Changing You for the Better

Today’s post is a special salute for all who are sheltering in place/ quarantining/ staying at home, etc., not that we should get any particular credit for doing what we are supposed to do, known as the Right Thing, right? By now, I’m guessing everyone is noticing certain joys in our new confinement – increased... Read more »

Why do I procrastinate? I'll tell you tomorrow

Me, I don’t procrastinate, not anymore. Why am I bringing this up? Because our monthly Blogapalooza topic is “Write about what, why and how you procrastinate.” Well, okay. Except, not to brag,  I don’t. Not anymore. Well, okay, mostly I don’t.  Here’s why: I got older. Who’s got time to waste? I may only be here... Read more »

Grieving through action and remembering: Donna Day 2016

Today is Donna Day, the annual effort to raise funds for pediatric cancer in memory of the young daughter of one of my fellow bloggers here at ChicagoNow Mary Tyler Mom. She is tireless in her pursuit of her goal to save other families from the experience their family endured. You can learn more about... Read more »

Blogger Donna's legacy: A tan is not worth your life

I am famous in my family for chasing after people with a tube of SPF 80 sunscreen, even well after they grow up. It feels a little obsessive, but I can’t help it. As a blonde, fair-skinned child in the days before sunscreen, I had my share of blistery sunburns. Apparently Coppertone Deep Tanning Oil... Read more »