Why I might not need to boycott Home Depot over Trump endorsement

The founder of Home Depot just endorsed Donald Trump. I must go to Home Depot between one and three times a week – nearby, has everything, has a nice person by the door to decode the logic of where to find things, laser-fast self-checkout. I must hear about Donald Trump 10,000 time a week even though I am in a partial news blackout in an effort to keep my sanity.

So here we go again. I’ve been giving my money to someone who is at cross purposes with me and puts his notoriety and money behind it. First it was the owner of the Curves exercise places, going big for anti-choice causes. Then it was the Hobby-Lobby family helping to fund a variety of efforts to restrict access to things like contraception and same-sex marriage. And of course the Chick-Filet guy not on board at all with extending rights to gay folks.

There is probably something to learn from this group of Christian, well-meaning in their own world view, high-earners investing their (formerly my) money in efforts to get in the way of others’ rights here in the good old USA. It would be easier if we could all take a live-and-let-live attitude and stay out of each others’ way, but I don’t get to stand in their way either, do I?

But my immediate concern is whether to keep giving Home Depot my personal money. If only they’d do this stuff behind the scenes I wouldn’t have to figure this out. But I may have an out. I just saw on Snopes.com, my go-to fact-checking site,  that this Trump supporter Bernie Marcus is no longer associated with Home Depot, having retired and presumably cashed out 14 years ago. I wasn’t even going to Home Depot 14 years ago, or at least hardly ever, so it isn't my money that he's working with. We’ll see if my conscience is satisfied by this evasion. I’ll know in a few days.


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