Gay Pride Parade tips Chicago

Whoa. Ms C is dizzy. Chicago is teetering on top of a tipping point that she never expected to arrive so soon.
850,000 people came out for the Gay Pride Parade Sunday. Now that the Grant Park fireworks on July 4th are history, that may be the biggest group of us Chicagoans all year, unless the Cubs win the pennant, in which case we will all be lying in the streets in a collective dead faint.
This year, the city extended the route to make more room. More churches than ever signed up to participate, and no grouchy churches objected. Even more amazing, politicians elbowed each other out of the way trying to get on the same-sex marriage bandwagon first.
The heart of the parade doesn’t change. Colors are everywhere, folks are free to fly their freak flag if they even have one, and the PFLAG contingent, made up of parents and loved ones of GLBT individuals, gets the biggest cheers and even a few tears.
What is changing is the society that the parade is trying to communicate with. It seems that openness is rapidly overtaking oppression, at least in this one way. While there are still people rattling around who are horrified at the thought of same-sex relationships let alone marriages, they are being left behind as we tip toward equality and acceptance.
Whatever will be next leap for this city? Food trucks?


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