Dave's Mom, the Everymom

I miss Letterman at night when I used to take those last minutes of the day to settle in with someone with a bad attitude after I had spent all day being pleasant and positive and therapeutic. But I might miss Dave’s Mom more. Lately, oddly, I’ve been wondering about her, before I found out that... Read more »

Why do I procrastinate? I'll tell you tomorrow

Me, I don’t procrastinate, not anymore. Why am I bringing this up? Because our monthly Blogapalooza topic is “Write about what, why and how you procrastinate.” Well, okay. Except, not to brag,  I don’t. Not anymore. Well, okay, mostly I don’t.  Here’s why: I got older. Who’s got time to waste? I may only be here... Read more »

Time Travel Back to Your Childhood: It's still there

Yesterday, columnist Mary Schmich told a tale of inviting an older man in from the sidewalk to see the Chicago flat he grew up in, her flat, a beautiful read, as always with Mary. It ignited my memory of a visit I made a couple of years ago, when I was like the man on... Read more »

Looking at grieving through a new lens: The Book

I’ve been looking at the world through one lens for a while now, and it’s got my eyes open. I catch a bit of Mrs. Doubtfire on TV and it seems so sad to me. Funny too, but at its heart, so sad. I spend Tuesday nights with This Is Us waiting to learn how Jack died, and... Read more »

Pregnant and Afraid? Maybe this book will help

I read Follow the River by James Alexander Thom because my mother-in-law handed it to me. There I was, pregnant for the first time at 30, living down the street from her. She had five children, three of them by the time she was 30.   I had married her oldest nine years before and precious... Read more »

Who Will Win the Last Super Bowl, CTE or Lady Gaga?

Imagine February, 2067. It’s the 101st Super Bowl; the pregame shows share clips of Lady Gaga’s spectacular 2017 half-time show (right in there with the other ancient notables like the Rolling Stones, Beyonce, and Michael Jackson), Super Bowl commercials vie to be in all the day-after highlights reels; reporters struggle to come up with anything at all to report... Read more »

Things to Love about Chicago: Why we are more than crime statistics

Chicago is not as bad as its growing reputation as a city more dangerous than the others. I understand that statistics confirm that while we are worse than some,we are far better than others. We have serious challenges, no doubt there, with crime, and Illinois has problems with certain state politicians who undermine everything by running our civic checkbook as... Read more »

A grownup in grad school: The radical difference between me and my peers

In grad school, while studying and practicing to become a counselor, I became a grownup. I’d had other moments coming up that demonstrated to me that I wasn’t there yet – like when the checkout lady at the Hi-Low grocery store handed me the bag and said, “Well, little lady, I’d say you were old... Read more »

The 1967 Chicago Blizzard: The day I walked down the middle of 111th Street all alone

January 25, 1967, Blizzard Day: I was home from college waiting for second semester to start in a few days, kicking back, spending time with my mom and friends back home when it started snowing, and didn’t stop until 111th St was impassable except by the occasional brave soul who early on figured they could get... Read more »

Obama's welcome letter to Trump: A few tips on being President

It is traditional for the outgoing president to leave a letter for his successor.  All the bloggers around here at ChicagoNow were invited to imagine what that letter might say. Here’s what I picture waiting on the desk in the Oval Office. Dear Donald: You and I started out in very different places, but both of... Read more »