Meet DanNita Crawford

Meet DanNita Crawford

Navy Veteran DanNita Crawford proudly served our country for 8 amazing years. Now the visionary behind  “After Dynner “ is here to serve you! Her menu of signature desserts include mouth watering apple turnovers made of fresh fruit, creamy lemon tarts on gram cracker crust or the Crown Royal caramel salted brownies which are all sure to arouse your pallet. Beyond the signature desserts and the unique spelling behind its name, After Dynner is “your palette transition from Dynner to dessert” Not only can you order her delectable desserts for delivery, a private tasting is on the menu too.


As we’re living through a pandemic and social distancing being one of our nations requirements, After Dynner’s mobile experience is a must do!
During a cocktail hour in after five attire with a group of 10 or less, DanNita educates you on cleansing your pallet pairing her savory desserts with top shelf spirits. This experience, is in high demand for the sexy and classy adult. It also may be cool to know, that all of the delicious recipes were passed down from the matriarchs in her family and we love that! We invite you to sit back and enjoy generations of authentic taste that you’ll be sure to love!

You can learn more about After Dynner by visiting them on Instagram @aftr_dnnr or visiting their website

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