529 Management-Local Entrepreneurs Showing The Value Of Collaboration during The Covid-19 Pandemic

529 Management-Local Entrepreneurs Showing The Value Of Collaboration during The Covid-19 Pandemic


QuendoleQue” Johnson Founder of 529 Management LLC and Stacey Lynn Emerson Founder of HER Treasures online boutique have one thing in common and it’s their love for people. Although they operate in two different industries collaboration was effortless.

Que Johnson, The Brand Surgeon has methods that are unique, nontraditional and unconventional   which makes her lifestyle branding and brand management company stand out from the rest. She never allows anyone to put herself or her clients in a box and is committed to bringing value to the ones she serves. Stacey Lynn Emerson, Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist knows how important it is to look your best at all times. Her mission is to empower women to be proud to be HER by being bold, confident and classy. Her idea of fashion is beyond societal classifications of style keeping every woman covered and classy.

The two women recently came together on the launch of The Brand Surgeon’s T-shirt Line called “My Brand is Bae”  The graphic statement serve as an intentional call to action to remind you why you fell in Love with your Brand in its beginning stages and why you need to fall in love with our Brand all over again.  

In a time where the world is temporarily closed and small businesses are suffering, collaboration is key for learning, growth and offering mutual value to each other and those around you. Together Que and Stacey are using their digital platforms to educate by providing tips and tools you can use for successful and profitable collaborations. This business practice for the two is not optional, but vital for entrepreneurs alike to assist in our economic downfall creating stronger business communities.

To learn more about 529 Management LLC visit http://www.529management.com/


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