Ty Hair & Emma Rose Hair Care

Ty Hair & Emma Rose Hair Care

Local Business Series: Emma Rose Hair Care

Hey Ty! Thank you for allowing us to get to know more about your hair services and Emma Rose hair products.

Please start by introducing yourself.

Thanks so much for having me. I am Ty a mother of two wonderful boys, Z and Ky. Professionally, I’m a licensed hairstylist at Beauty Me Hair Salon located in Hillside IL. I am also the owner of Emma Rose Hair Care products.

Awesome, What do you love about being a hair stylist?

I love making my clients look wonderful which helps  them feel amazing both inside and out.

I’ve sat in your client seat and you did just that for me. Tell us about some of the services you specialize in?

I specialize in braiding techniques and healthy hair care. I also do weaves and natural styles.


That’s great! I’m excited to learn more about your hair products. Can you tell us a little about them? 

So we have 11 products in the Emma Rosé Haircare Line. All the products provide moisture, strength and shine. Great for all textures of hair, with allowing and providing great maintenance for hair. Also Vegan- friendly



That’s great! What would you say makes your salon experience different from other stylist?

My client experience is top notch to say the very least. My goal is to make each client look and feel like a celebrity.

I love that! I also love that you are big on Hair care. Can you share some tips on how you help your clients maintain healthy hair and tips we can do at home?

Hair maintenance is the key. It’s important to use the proper products for your hair type. I also like to implement strategies such as using shirt like material instead of towels when drying hair. Wide tooth combs are amazing for detangling. You should also try to wear protective hair styles that don't require tension. Making sure to oil/ moisturizer hair when having braid styles. Maintaining a Healthy lifestyle is also important because what we eat or drink can interfere with the growth of our hair. Also, DO NOT forget to wear a satin head wrap/ bonnet or sleep on a satin pillow case, to also protect the hair.

Thanks so much those are amazing tips! What advice would you give a new stylist looking to start a career in hair care. 

My advice would be to enter into the hair industry with an open mind. Use fear to motivate you to the next level. Be willing to learn, and try new techniques. It’s also important to explore different opportunities and go above and beyond average.
That’s great advice. Before you go you gotta give us a Lookclusive, What can we expect from Ty the stylist this year?

Right now you can take advantage of our March Madness promotion that offers 30% off of braids and styles. This Spring you can expect an exciting pop up shop!

Awesome Thank you so much!  Tell everyone how they can find and schedule services with you?

You all can find me on Instagram @tytatehair or Facebook: Ty Tate. To book an appointment visit our website https://square.site/book/HQRKNV8G5FRJ7/beauty-me-hair-salon-hillside-il

To purchase Emma Rose hair products contact us by phone 1-872-888-9873

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