LOOKprenuer Partner Billie Joyner

LOOKprenuer Partner Billie Joyner
Thank you for taking the time to chat with us Billie. We are so excited about your entrepreneurial journey and can’t stop LOOKing at you! Let’s jump right in and tell the world who you are..
I am a 38 year old, single hard working mother of 1 young man and 2 daughters that keeps me very busy. I have also been a pharmacy technician for over 10yrs.  Additionally, Im a Certified Travel Agent with Xstream and President of Abetterway2foundation a Non Profit Organization.
Wow you certainly wear many hats!  Has balancing your time between work and motherhood been challenging?
With my son, it's a no brainer, he understands what it takes to become and enterpunerser as he wants to become one himself. My daughters are a little younger and needer at the moment. They require just a little more attention. Homework, activities etc can take a toll when trying to build a legacy. Im trying to organize family and business while keeping the right mindset for what im trying to leave for them.
Thats awesome...Who or What keeps you motivated when you feel discouraged? My kids of course as well as my mentors, leaders, and accountability partners within our company. I would also say  fellow entrepreneurs that I know.
I love that..What advice would you give fellow entrepreneurs about the importance of patience and timing? 
You will be tested  all the time. Your business and the support you may or may not recieve, the ups and downs of running an business and at the end of the day, if this is something you truly want, patience and timing is everything.  Nothing is given to us when want it. It comes when you work for it and need it.
So true..So I believe that everyone is born with special gifts and talents which gives us all our own unique super powers to do anything in this life.  What would you say your LOOKprenuer Super Powers are? I try my best to help and encourage others as much as possible
Yes! The gift to encourage is such a dynamic Super power...What has been some your proudest moments in your career journey?Becoming the person I truly should be. Alot of things has held me back until now. Now I feel can truly be me!
Thats great! Now lets have some fun. Tell us something most people don’t know about You?
I never thought about being an entrepreneur, I knew I was destined to help others, but not like this!
Wow ok..What is something that is assumed about you that is far from the truth? 
That I have it all together and I don't, I am a work in progress.
I understand that as we all are..Before you go lets talk a little about your brand. What Would you like people to know about it? I can help set up your travel needs, show you how to do the same all while earning income and ganing an tax shelter. We also help with raising money through travel
Ok thats awesome! Now hit us with a LOOKclusive. What can we expect from your brand in the coming months?
I have a couple of group trips I've put together  and I am in the process of officially launching my non profit called Abetterway2 foundation, where we help fundraise through travel.
Contact Info:
Website Abetterway2.com
Facebook  Abetterway2
Instagram Abetterwaytravels

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