LOOKprenuer Partner Ebony Shene

LOOKprenuer Partner Ebony Shene

Ebony, thank you for taking the time to chat with us today. Now lets tell the world why we can't stop LOOKing at you and why they won't after today. Lets start with who you are?I'm a Mom of 3, Business owner, and Risk taker. I have been in healthcare for 20 years. Nurse 18 years. I'm also the Founder and CEO of Scott School of Careers, a Private vocational school that trains individuals to become Certified Nurses Assistants. In addition, I'm the CEO of My nurse Design which is cute sporty Nurse Gear. I'm the Nurse who loved her profession so much, I branded it. Who says nurses cant be cute?

We love it! You have accomplished some amazing things. Were there any struggles you’ve had faced along the way?Recently divorced, I am a single mother of 3. I desire to teach my children that family is important as well as building a life with the partner that you choose. Teaching them to make wiser decisions than I have will be crucial as I move forward. Also being a positive example for my daughter an other women. People hold you accountable for so much. As a Young Black woman, how do I cope with life’s set backs and remain an example for those who look to me all while being human at the same time.

Who or What keeps you motivated when you feel discouraged? My children, the community and the patients that we serve motivate me. I know that Gods purpose is for me to help me and I’m just thankful that God has blessed me to be able to pour back into the community that I came from. 

We know first hand that entrepreneurship is not a walk in the park. What advice would you give fellow entrepreneurs about the importance of patience and timing? Cliché..but Rome wasn’t built over night. We want immediate results, but it takes time effort and consistency. And it won’t be easy. If it were easy, Anyone could do it. Always ride with your wave of momentum.

We believe that everyone is born with special gifts which gives us all unique super powers to be whatever we want in this life. What would you say your LOOKprenuer Super Powers are? I do like to dress to the moment. I also know that speaking well is important. Don’t miss your beat!

What has been some your proudest moments in your career journey?I am proud to have put in 20 years hands on in healthcare for major companies. I am the youngest black woman to become a Director of Nursing in the company I work for and also the youngest black woman Licensed Nursing Home Administrator in the company. I am even more grateful to be a able to walk away to work for myself. I have helped to save many lives and now I am helping to change many lives. 

Now lets have some fun, tell us something most people don’t know about You? Most people don’t know that I drive a 1100- cylinder Yamaha Cruiser Motorcycle. I graduated from Saint Xavier Cum Laude with a Bachelors in the Science of Nursing 

What is something that is assumed about you that is far from the truth? It is assumed that I am very Naïve. I am very welcoming and open, but I am also very cautious and observant. I like to give people the benefit of doubt. 

 Give us a good chuckle. Tell us something funny about yourself? I have always renamed the people that Im close to or spend the most time with. I also love to make up words or catch phrases.

Thats pretty funny... now lets talk more in depth about your brand. What would like people to know about it? My Nurse is transforming the way nurses see fashion. No longer stuck wearing boxy scrubs to the grocer. Now we can be comfy and cute all while repping our profession. I do ask the we wear it responsibly. If you rep the brand stand strong as a provider and show out when you have to for healthcare. You never know when duty will call !Now we can look good while doing it 

 Awesome! Before you go, you gotta give us a LOOkclusive. What can we expect from your brand in the coming months?  Expect more pop up shops! And more healthcare vending outings. We also look forward to expanding to other states through our ambassador program.


Contact Info:


FB: My Nurse Design

Website: https://www.mynursedesign.com

Website: www.sscareers.org

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