All drivers are A**holes

It's no secret that there's a bit of a Cold War brewing between bike-riding persons and car drivers.

It usually stays bottled up, left unsaid. In the mind of every cyclist, there's a score of near-miss stories; in the mind of every driver, there's a handful of stories of douchebag cyclists blowing a red light, riding on the sidewalk, or impeding a car from turning right on red (GASP!).

And every time a driver almost hits a biker, both parties are instilled with rage. And the irrational feeling washes over that all drivers, all bikers are the worst people every.

Rationally, I hope, we know that these are isolated incidents. For every memory I have of a car buzzing by me at high velocity, I have thousands more of feeling totally safe by a car that leaves at least 3 feet (as required by law).

But there are some out there go irrational and then go further.

Never mind that most of the situations don't make sense (did he mean right side when he said left?), he hysterically stereotypes and demonizes the whole lot of bikers based on the actions of a few. A totally bigoted car-ist, he assumes the supremacy of cars and drivers and is irked by the oppressed masses of cyclist asserting their rights to the road.

[Riding on the sidewalk is, however, totally immoral and deserves to be punished.]

Suffice it to say, if a cyclist pulls a bonehead move (illegal) and gets hit, it's their fault.

But if I'm stopped at a light on my bike and you can't turn right for 20 seconds, you can just wait. Though I always try to position myself so people can turn right, it's often a non-issue because there's so much cross-traffic. Think of it as if a car was ahead of you. You might be annoyed that they weren't more considerate, but you wouldn't run them over.

We are traffic and we have rights. And, just like car drivers, there are those cyclists who break the law. Let's try moving together with more mutual respect.

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  • Wow, that was brutal. Did you not read my last paragraph?

    "I am all for cyclist and understand it can be dangerous to bike in this city; but some of you are making it difficult on yourselves. Respect the laws of the road and my right to right of way"

    And I am sorry to day that it is not the actions of a few, its the actions by a few each day. I am not a bigoted car-ist, I am bigoted toward stupidity. And as long as there are stupid people on bikes, the problem will never go away!

  • Right. But there's a difference between saying "Cyclists annoy me!" and saying "Cyclists annoy me, and I look forward to visiting violence upon them."

  • not looking forward, stating a fact: you ride like you don't care or pay attention, then you are eventually going to get hit, that's all.

  • Could have fooled us. It was probably the part where you say you'd run us over for waiting at a red light. Perhaps you need a better editor.

    Another fact: You drive like you don't care or pay attention, then you are eventually going to kill someone, that's all. There are stupid cyclists, sure, just as there are stupid drivers. Who is the true menace?

  • The true menace is everyone. Everyone is in such a rush, we speed up to get through the light, a peddle faster to make turn in front of the car coming at us. I ride my bike in the city and know it is difficult to navigate in traffic at times. But, I stop when I need to and wait for the car to go so I don't put myself at risk. Just as I have regard to the bikers around me, when I bike, I have regard to those behind the wheel.

  • I made this prediction about a month ago, but I'll say it again.....3 to1 odds says Daniel kills a bicyclist before November.

    Any takers?

  • Great post! These are the kinds of discussions I like to encourage on my blog, Easy As Riding A Bike.

    My first read of Queer Guy's rant was anti-bike. That was until I read it all the way through. It was a writing technique to garner attention. That it did!

    If motorists treated bicycles the same as other cars on the road - as the law requires them to do - fewer heated exchanges and near-misses would occur. If all cyclists would follow the rules of the road - stopping at red lights, signaling turns, and staying off the sidewalk - motorists would still find something to complain about. Motorists hate to be slowed down by anyone or anything.

    To help The Queer Guy and other motorists, think of a bike as a farm implement. It moves slower than you do, but you can't pass it unless it's safe to do so (and when you do you have to allow three feet of clearance per the law). A bike is required to turn left from the center line, so when a cyclist establishes himself in the lane of traffic to make a left-hand turn, motorists are required to yield. If a bike is blocking a right-turn-on-red opportunity, it's because the bike has a right to be there.

    Bicyclists are responsible for avoiding everything in front of them - car doors opening, pedestrians crossing, cars turning. It is impossible to yield the right of way to a vehicle behind them for two reasons; 1) a cyclist can't monitor behind while monitoring what lies ahead and 2) it is the responsibility of the motorist to monitor and yield the applicable right of way to the cyclist, just like any other vehicle that would be driving ahead of them.

    If a cyclist violates the rules of the road and hits your car, it's doubtful you'll be hurt. If you violate the rules of the road and hit a cyclist, it can be deadly.

    The message is clear - Share The Road. Being slowed down by a bicycle isn't a matter of life or death to any motorist. It can be for the cyclist...

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