Sunday: Cross Mayhem at Montrose Harbor

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The cyclocross season is coming to an end. The kind of racing that requires riders to ride through mud and muck, over hill and dale, and then jump over barriers has its season in the fall, with many races continuing into the winter. One of the most accessible forms of racing to enter; one of... Read more »

The War on Traffic

In a passionate yet histrionic diatribe in the Tribune, John McCarron claims there’s a war on cars in the city of Chicago. “War on cars? The mayor’s 2012 budget jacks up the tax on downtown parking garages, parking meter violations and vehicle stickers. His main legislative win in Springfield is getting state permission to set... Read more »

Runnin' Reds

Cyclists, please realize that when you stop at a red light, look both ways, and slink through, you are angering motorists stopped at the light! “Nothing aggravates people more than the guy who’s sitting there patiently [at a red light and watching a bike rider who] shoots across.” – Ald. Mell [Sun Times article] And... Read more »

The Lone Wolf becomes part of The Herd

Why do societies need laws? In the case of certain laws, it’s a practical measure; in the case of others, it’s moral. All laws are arbitrary in that they are not essential. But they do make for a more stable society, which we mostly seem to prefer. For moral laws, there is more universal agreement:... Read more »

All drivers are A**holes

It’s no secret that there’s a bit of a Cold War brewing between bike-riding persons and car drivers. It usually stays bottled up, left unsaid. In the mind of every cyclist, there’s a score of near-miss stories; in the mind of every driver, there’s a handful of stories of douchebag cyclists blowing a red light,... Read more »

Bike Boxing

The new Kinzie bike lanes seem pretty obvious to bikers but still confuse cars. Nearly every time I approach Milwaukee, going west on Kinzie by Blommer’s Chocolate, I run into this situation. Here’s what’s going on: The car on the right is turning right but is doing so from “no-man’s land”, clearly marked as such... Read more »

To Share is to Care: Vélib in Chicago

My lasting recollection of the Paris bike share program is walking 2 miles home at 2am while savvy Parisians zipped by on Vélibs, fueled by joie de vivre and eau de vie. How I’d wished I could join in their frolicking, cursing my behind-the-times American credit card with no smartchip. Now, finally, Chicago will have... Read more »

The LFP is not a velodrome

The absurd obviousness should be apparent: first of all, it’s not an oval, but the Lakefront [bike] Path is not the place to race. [It can take you, of course, most of the way to a real velodrome down at 87th street.] And yet, people riding bikes – especially those who have done real races... Read more »

More Dumb Protected Bike Lanes

As seen on the Chainlink, the city has announced plans for two new sections of protected bike lanes. Elston, from Division to North 18th st, from Clinton to Clark Once again the city has decided to make cyclists safer on streets that never seemed dangerous to begin with.The first stretch of protected lane on Kinzie... Read more »

Bikes on the Sidewalk

The other day, as I was biking the 100 feet of sidewalk from my front door to the corner, I got passed by a guy in business casual, riding a suspension mountain bike and smoking a cig. I was tempted to say: “Jerk, ride on the street!” the hypocrisy notwithstanding. The fact is, it’s illegal... Read more »