Welcome to my new fancy blog!

For the past five years I've been writing essays and recently decided to try my hand at writing blogs.  I'm the sort of guy that likes to sit back and watch everything unfold before me rather than get involved, unless necessary.  This type of behavior has allowed me to become pretty good at describing what happened and adding in how I feel on the event.  Apparently, that's exactly how blogs are supposed to be formatted.  So we'll see what happens.

Having relocated to a new world where Bozo is just a word and Polish isn't a food, I've made a lot of observations about Chicago's North Side today.  This is not a blog attacking Lincoln Park Trixies or Yuppies but rather one that simply reports on the hilarious situations of life above the Gold Coast.  I grew up a product of the old Southside of Chicago. (Ex: In my head I typed "Sout-side a Ch-kya-go.")  If something is not here, it's over 'der.  If you need something, I got a guy.  I can lay out in the sun for four hours and turn more white and the greatest gift money can buy is an Old Style.  After a few decades of this lifestyle, it became all that I know.  Transport now to 2012 North Side.  Old Style is replaced with PBR, not Pabst,(Unless you're within 50 feet of Wrigley.)  Everyone's wearing plaid but they ain't going out to the farm or getting warm for winter.  If something's located below North Ave it's downtown and if anything's below Cermak you don't go there.

Life is very different for me now and I'd like to tell you about it.