Why I'm Embarrassed to Get Off at the Addison Red Line Stop

The other day I was forced to take the red line from Belmont to Addison; or one stop.  Despite the fact that I absolutely hate riding one stop, it was worse that I had to get off at Addison.

Addison Red Line: Bleacher Bums, Cheap Bars, and Ronnie Woo-Woo.  Now nothing against Ronnie, but the first two things are some of which I can only take for once a day, one day every month.  But the problem is, I know live off of Addison. So I'm at the stop everyday. Multiple times.

I'm your typical Southsider as my info will tell you, minus the fact that I'm a Cubs fan.  So this move of mine has left me with some culture shock.  Did you know there's a beer named after the downtown area code? Or that the homeless population didn't drop 20 years in age but those kids are called "hipsters?"  All this information has been found out due to my current situation.  I like it better when your beer had a jingle and those hip kids kept their original name: d-bags.  But alas; new world, new rules.

There’s a certain shame that comes with telling others that you must get off at Addison to get to your apartment.  I often try to redeem myself.
“So you live in Wrigleyville?”
“No, I’m east of Halsted.”
“Oh, Boystown!”
“No... I’m east of Broadway, too.”
No matter how many times I say I live in Lake View East, the fact remains you must pass through the aforementioned sub-neighborhoods before arriving at my humble abode.

The Addison stop has it’s gems though, I suppose.  There’s this very nice Mexican restaurant directly east of the doors.  I can never remember the name but despite it being cash only, the food is delicious.  And as far as deals on pizza goes, Bacci’s is a hard deal to beat.  $5 for a pizza slice bigger than my head and a pop is always a good time.  While I don’t frequent Bacci’s too often, I had a very strong urge to go in there the other day and ran into a man I did a show with 8 years ago and hadn't seen since.

It’s also very true that the homeless that crowd around the stoop to the left of the doors are a bit of a hassle and that I was followed home by a suspicious individual from the stop.  And no matter what time of year it is, the drunks will always be on the platform after ten o’clock (PM in the off season, AM after opening day.)

All this being said, I hate the Addison Red Line stop.  But I’ll still see you there tomorrow.

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