The Cubs Will Win in 2014

As you all know the Super Bowl was yesterday.  If you didn't know that, maybe it's time to take down your poster of Farrah Fawcett and welcome yourself to 2013.  As only one person that I had talked to at the beginning of the season predicted, the Ravens won.  Trying to choose who will be the champions at the end of a season in any sport is almost always impossible.  There are always obvious options for who not to pick which helps narrow the choice..  For baseball, the Cubs come to mind.  Despite this fact, I am announcing that I am 100% positive that the Cubs will win the World Series in 2014.

Bruce Springsteen.  Born to Run... Darkness... The River... they’re all classics.  I’ve been a big fan of his since at least 1998.  I’ve made sure to see him live as much as possible.  My first show should have been at Comiskey in 2003, but someone gave my ticket away.  Because of that I didn’t get to see him until 2005.  Nevertheless, I have seen him live 11 times since then.  I’m sure you’re all wondering what the hell is going on.  I just declared that I firmly believe the Cubs will win the World Series in 2014 and then started yapping about The Boss.  But these two things are very connected.  Let me explain:

2004, the Boston Red Sox win the World series.  They hadn’t won since 1918.  86 years between the wins.
2005, the White Sox win the World Series.  They hadn’t won since 1917.  88 years between the wins.
2008, the Celtics win the NBA Finals.  They hadn’t won since 1987.  21 years between the wins.
2010, the Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup.  They hadn’t won since 1961.  49 years between the wins.

So? Teams that had long losing streaks (albeit the Celtics streak is only considered long for Boston and the Lakers) won finally.  Woo hoo?  Well, two years before each of these winning seasons started, The Boss performed at the stadium/field each team uses.  Yes, 2002 at Fenway.  2003 at Comiskey.  2005 at the Boston Garden.  2007 at the UC.  Coincidence? Probably.  Completely likely due to the fact that Bruce plays large venues way more than most artists in the world? Absolutely.  But that doesn’t stop me from having faith that his most recent concerts in September, 2012 at Wrigley Field will have an impact on the 2014 Cubs.

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