So despite the fact that this is all in my About, I'd like to formally introduce myself.  My name is Leah, I'm a sophomore in high school, and I'm more often asleep than not.  I love rock and roll and I also love movies.  If I can be listening to music, I am.  Same goes for movies.  I generally judge people pretty heavily based on their favorite bands and movies, so I figure it's only fair for you to be able to judge me as well.

Some of my favorite bands (order does not matter):

1) Led Zeppelin, 2) Fleetwood Mac, 3) Guns and Roses, and much more.  I'm all over the place when it comes to music.

Some of my favorite movies:

1) The Departed, 2) Role Models, 3) Memento, and more.  As you can see, I am also all over the place when it comes to movies.

I hope I have passed judgement, although I do respect differing opinions, and love to be disagreed with.  These top six barely scratch the surface of what I'm interested in, and I hope you'll stick with me while I go into all of it.  I'm pretty excited to be bogging about the two things that I love (and sometimes other things that catch my attention), and I hope you'll enjoy reading about it.  So, to conclude, I'd like to name my official song of the day.  Today it will be....Houses of the Holy- Led Zeppelin.  This song never fails to make me dance.  Literally, never.

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